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St Mary, Albury

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In the rather remote north east of Hertfordshire, on top of a hill some way from most of the parish’s settlements. The chancel is 13th century and the nave and aisles 14th century. The pulpit is 18th century and the screen 15th century.



albury_church150413_15 albury_church150413_11
 albury_st_mary170217_8  albury_st_mary170217_16
           albury_church150911_1  albury_st_mary170217_13
 albury_church150413_10  albury_church150413_4
 albury_church150911_3  albury_church150413_8
 albury_church150413_3    albury_st_mary170217_48
 albury_church150413_17  albury_st_mary170217_29
 albury_church150911_6  albury_st_mary170217_50
 albury_st_mary170217_49  albury_st_mary170217_10
 albury_st_mary170217_82  albury_st_mary170217_53

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