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St Peter, Berkhamsted

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Sideways on to the main street of this small west Hertfordshire town.  The chancel is from around 1200, the nave late 13th century, the vaulted eastern aisle of the north transept is  from around 1300 and the south chancel chapel 14th century. A large cruciform church , reordered 1956-60 by Robert Neil so that the chancel is now virtually unused with the altar under the crossing. Restored by William Butterfield in 1871.

berkhamsted_church090112_2  berkhamsted_st_peter160415_3
 berkhamsted_st_peter160415_4 berkhamsted_st_peter160415_5
 berkhamsted_st_peter160415_8  berkhamsted_st_peter160415_51
 berkhamsted_st_peter160415_10  berkhamsted_st_peter160415_35
        berkhamsted_st_peter160415_13  berkhamsted_st_peter160415_40
 berkhamsted_st_peter160415_7  berkhamsted_st_peter160415_46
 berkhamsted_st_peter160415_47  berkhamsted_st_peter160415_36
 berkhamsted_st_peter160415_31  berkhamsted_st_peter160415_38
 berkhamsted_st_peter160415_29  berkhamsted_st_peter160415_30
 berkhamsted_st_peter160415_49  berkhamsted_st_peter160415_24
 berkhamsted_st_peter160415_23  berkhamsted_st_peter160415_28
 berkhamsted_st_peter160415_9  berkhamsted_st_peter160415_18
 berkhamsted_st_peter160415_19  berkhamsted_st_peter160415_50

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