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St Mary, Meesden

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Hidden in trees, a mile east of the village, in the east of the county. The nave is 12th century, with the transepts rebuilt in 1877 and the bellcote is 19th century. The chancel is from around 1300. The remarkable brick porch dates from about 1530. The mosaic pavement around the altar dates from the 14th century.

                meesden_st_mary160615_32  meesden_st_mary160615_5
 meesden_st_mary160615_2  meesden_st_mary160615_10
 meesden_st_mary160615_36  meesden_church141011_2
 meesden_church141011_4 meesden_st_mary160615_29
  meesden_church141011_5  meesden_st_mary160615_6
 meesden_st_mary160615_15  meesden_church141011_11
 meesden_st_mary160615_20  meesden_st_mary160615_14
 meesden_st_mary160615_13  meesden_st_mary160615_25
 meesden_st_mary160615_18  meesden_st_mary160615_11
 meesden_st_mary160615_31  meesden_st_mary160615_24
 meesden_st_mary160615_8  meesden_st_mary160615_17

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