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St Mary the Virgin, Little Wymondley

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Small church right close to the railway between Stevenage and Hitchin. The tower is 15th century, the body of the church was heavily rebuilt 1875.

            little_wymondley_st_mary220914_17  little_wymondley_church021212_6
 little_wymondley_church100811_6  little_wymondley_church100811_5
    little_wymondley_st_mary220914_2  little_wymondley_church100811_1
 little_wymondley_church021212_5  little_wymondley_st_mary220914_3
 little_wymondley_st_mary220914_16  little_wymondley_st_mary220914_13
 little_wymondley_st_mary220914_4  little_wymondley_st_mary220914_12
 little_wymondley_st_mary220914_10  little_wymondley_st_mary220914_11
 little_wymondley_st_mary220914_15  little_wymondley_st_mary220914_7

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