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St Mary, Stapleford

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A much rebuilt church off to the east of the main road through the village. The basis is a medieval building with some Norman and 13th century work remaining.

stapleford_church150311_  stapleford-church090211_1
 stapleford-church090211_  stapleford_st_mary050513_5
        stapleford_st_mary180216_15  stapleford_st_mary050513_13
 stapleford_st_mary180216_13  stapleford_st_mary050513_7
 stapleford_st_mary180216_5  stapleford_st_mary050514_4
 stapleford_st_mary180216_3  stapleford_st_mary180216_4
 stapleford_st_mary180216_10  stapleford_st_mary180216_2
 stapleford_st_mary180216_8  stapleford_st_mary180216_18
 stapleford_st_mary180216_9  stapleford_st_mary180216_16
stapleford_st_mary180216_12  stapleford_st_mary050513_3

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