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St Nicholas, Great Munden

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Completely on its own, some way from this scattered village. Redundant and privately owned and restored.  The north side is basically Norman with the wide south aisle added in the fourteenth century.

great_munden_church280608   great_munden_st_nicholas280913_3
 great_munden_st_nicholas280913_1  great_munden_st_nicholas280913_4
 great_munden_st_nicholas280913_6  great_munden_st_nicholas280913_7
 great_munden_st_nicholas280913_5  great_munden_st_nicholas280913_8
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_3  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_1
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_15  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_5
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_44  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_42
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_62  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_60
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_90  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_63
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_98  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_94
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_11  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_13
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_32  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_2
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_35  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_34
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_61  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_33
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_82  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_64
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_87  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_73
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_110  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_56
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_104  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_107
 great_munden_st_nicholas210116_125  great_munden_st_nicholas210116_119

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  1. […] Andrew leading the prayers for forgiveness outside St. Nicholas in Great Munden, but God wasn’t listening. It turns out the church is a private building owned by a mate of Maurice! It’s in fine condition – good place for a Windmill Club party? https://hertfordshirechurches.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/st-nicholas-great-munden/ […]

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