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Christ Church, Waltham Cross

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Opposite Theobalds Grove Station, on the edge of the town centre, the church was designed by Edward Blore and built in 1833. An eastern extension was added in 1915.  It is part of a Local Ecumenical Partnership with the Methodist Church.

waltham_cross_christ_church200413_ waltham_cross_christ_church200413_1
waltham_cross_christ_church200413_2  waltham_cross_christ_church200413_3
 waltham_cross_christ_church120915_3  waltham_cross_christ_church120915_24
 waltham_cross_christ_church120915_14  waltham_cross_christ_church120915_15
 waltham_cross_christ_church120915_1  waltham_cross_christ_church120915_11
 waltham_cross_christ_church120915_18  waltham_cross_christ_church120915_20
 waltham_cross_christ_church120915_10  waltham_cross_christ_church120915_12
 waltham_cross_christ_church120915_7  waltham_cross_christ_church120915_23

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