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Our Lady of Lourdes, Harpenden (Roman Catholic)

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By F.A, Walters 1928-36. Next door to St Nicholas in the town centre, a very dark church as virtually every window is full of stained glass.

          harpenden_our_lady_rc300315_2  harpenden_our_lady_rc150613_
 harpenden_our_lady_rc150613_8 harpenden_our_lady_rc300315_3
 harpenden_our_lady_rc300315_4 harpenden_our_lady_rc300315_11
 harpenden_our_lady_rc300315_21 harpenden_our_lady_rc300315_14
 harpenden_our_lady_rc300315_6 harpenden_our_lady_rc300315_17
 harpenden_our_lady_rc300315_22  harpenden_our_lady_rc300315_13

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