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St John the Baptist, Harpenden

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Overlooking the Common on the south side of the town. It dates from 1908 the architect was Frederick Charles Eden  with the 1999 reordering undertaken by Martin Bragg Caroe.

  harpenden_st_john_the_baptist150613_2  harpenden_st_john_the_baptist150613_5
harpenden_st_john_the_baptist150613_ harpenden_st_john_the_baptist150613_1
 harpenden_st_john_the_baptist150613_4                 harpenden_st_john300315_36
 harpenden_st_john300315_24  harpenden_st_john300315_35
 harpenden_st_john300315_  harpenden_st_john300315_13
 harpenden_st_john300315_3  harpenden_st_john300315_7
 harpenden_st_john300315_27  harpenden_st_john300315_25
 harpenden_st_john300315_26  harpenden_st_john300315_16
 harpenden_st_john300315_19  harpenden_st_john300315_17

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