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St Luke, Cell Barnes Lane, St Albans

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A church in the eastern suburbs of St Albans, built in 1964 and designed by E.F. Starling. It underwent a major refurbishment during 2013 when the interior was stripped out and refitted.

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 st_albans_st_luke071013_  st_albans_cell_barnes_st_luke181114_
 st_albans_cell_barnes_st_luke181114_3  st_albans_cell_barnes_st_luke181114_7
 st_albans_cell_barnes_st_luke181114_5  st_albans_cell_barnes_st_luke181114_4
 st_albans_cell_barnes_st_luke181114_8  st_albans_cell_barnes_st_luke181114_14
 st_albans_cell_barnes_st_luke181114_10  st_albans_cell_barnes_st_luke181114_9

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