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St Thomas More, Knebworth (Roman Catholic)

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Just down the road from St Martin’s Anglican church, it dates from 1962 and is by F.G. Broadbent and Partners, replacing a building of 1935 now used as the church hall.

        knebworth_st_thomas_more_rc241013_15  knebworth_st_thomas_more_rc241013_19
 knebworth_st_thomas_more_rc241013_9  knebworth_st_thomas_more_rc241013_3
 knebworth_st_thomas_more_rc241013_4  knebworth_st_thomas_more_rc241013_13
 knebworth_st_thomas_more_rc241013_6  knebworth_st_thomas_more_rc241013_5
 knebworth_st_thomas_more_rc241013_7  knebworth_st_thomas_more_rc241013_14
 knebworth_st_thomas_more_rc241013_16  knebworth_st_thomas_more_rc241013_2

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