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St Matthew, Eastbury Road, Oxhey

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Almost next to Bushey Station, high above the road to South Oxhey. Quite a landmark it was built in 1880 and designed by W.H. Syme. There is a Karl Parsons window in the transept.

oxhey_st_matthew240114_4  oxhey_st_matthew240114_6
 oxhey_st_matthew240114_2  oxhey_st_matthew030214_
 oxhey_st_matthew030214_5  oxhey_st_matthew030214_10
 oxhey_st_matthew030214_25  oxhey_st_matthew030214_23
 oxhey_st_matthew030214_19  oxhey_st_matthew030214_26
 oxhey_st_matthew030214_22  oxhey_st_matthew030214_11

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