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St John the Evangelist, Bourne End

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On its own west of the A41 between Boxmoor and Berkhamsted, in some older works this building is called Broadway Chapel. It is a Gilbert Scott church of 1853-55. The prominent western hall extension is by Nick Wood of Blackwood Architects of Aylesbury and dates from 2007. he chancel decoration is from 1889-91 and was designed by local architect Charles Rew. Three windows (one hidden behind the reredos) ware the first designs by Alfred Bell and made by Powell’s. However the two visible ones were stolen in 2001 and replaced by replicas made by Chapel Studios in 2005.

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 bourne_end_st_john_the_evangelist240214_8  bourne_end_st_john_the_evangelist240214_2
 bourne_end_st_john_the_evangelist240214_1  borune_end_st_john060614_7
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 bourne_end_st_john_the_evangelist060614_12  bourne_end_st_john_the_evangelist060614_8

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