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St Martha, Chapel Lane, Tring (former) now Methodist

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An unfinished building constructed on the south west side of Tring as a chapel of ease to St Peter and St Paul, the parish church. The flint chancel is attributed to Carpenter and Ingelow and dates from around 1880. The wooden section dates from the early twentieth century and the porch from the 1960s. It began to be used by the Methodists, as a replacement for their chapel in the 1970s and was purchased in 2002.

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Church website

Listed building details


  1. 15apr02 says:

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I’ve just found, not visited yet, St Hugh, Cockernhoe a tin tabernacle apparently still in use.

    • zoothorn says:

      Not at all.I had no idea as it’s on ACNY as Beds, but it’s definitely in Herts. A visit is called for! There is this comment on ACNY, “Sadly there are no regular services at St Hugh’s now. The church has however been made safe by replacing a rotten wall and windows. The church is now being used by Cockernhoe School for their services and there will be a communion service on Easter Sunday Morning”

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