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Beechen Grove Baptist Church, Watford

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A prominent landmark on the edge of the town centre. It was built 1877, the architect was J.W. Chapman. The interior has been divided horizontally at gallery level and the west end has been divided off to form a lounge area.

watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_41  watford_beechen_grove_baptist151214_2
 watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_34  watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_37
 watford_beechen_grove_baptist151214_9  watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_36
 watford_beechen_grove_baptist151214_8  watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_48
 watford_beechen_grove_baptist151214_7    watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_3
 watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_12  watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_14
 watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_22  watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_18
 watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_9  watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_15
 watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_25  watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_26
 watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_21  watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_27
 watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_11  watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_2
 watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_6  watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_7
 watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_  watford_beechen_grove_baptist100915_5

Church website

Listed building details

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