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Methodist Church (Former), The Green, Kimpton

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Attractively sited at the corner of a green close to the parish church. It was taken out of use in around 2007 and converted, along with the hall, into housing in 2010. The church dates from 1870.

 kimpton_methodist_former011015_  kimpton_methodist_former011015_1
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_19  kimpton_methodist_former011015_4
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_5  kimpton_methodist_former011015_3
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_2  kimpton_methodist_former011015_6
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_11  kimpton_methodist_former011015_8
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_13  kimpton_methodist_former011015_15
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_17  kimpton_methodist_former011015_16
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_14  kimpton_methodist_former011015_12


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