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Chapels (former), Bishops College, Churchgate, Cheshunt

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The Bishop’s College site has had three distinct uses. From 1792 until 1905 it was a college for training ministers, principally those of the Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion. It then became Bishops’ College, a training college for the Church of England from 1909 until 1968. Following that it became the council offices for Broxbourne Council and to which they have added a large post modern range to the south. The older buildings are at the north end of the site with a large eastern extension of 1870. Despite its ecclesiastical appearance, particularly the apsidal library, it did not contain a chapel (bottom right picture). The chapel of the orignal college are the buildings on the road front dating from 1806 and altered in the later 19th century, now called the Beaufort Suite, having been the council chamber prior to the modern buildings being finished. At the eastern end of the 1870s building there is a 1936 extension, designed by “Mobely” according to the Broxbourne Council leaflet referenced below, which was used as the chapel in later Anglican days (bottom left picture).


Broxbourne Council Churchgate Leaflet

Listed building details


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