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Kingdom Light Centre, 184 St Albans Road West, Hatfield (Redeemed Christian Church of God)

Not far from the northern entrance to the Galleria, this is an industrial unit used by the church.


Church website

Primitive Methodist Church (former), West Street, Ashwell

Built in the mid 19th century and now housing called The Old Chapel.


Ashwell Museum website

A church near you entry

Listed building details

Wesleyan Methodist Church (Former), High Street, Ashwell

Replacing, the still extant, old church in 1880s but demolished in 1979 after the congregation joined that at the United Reformed Church in 1977. Four foundation stones are mounted in a wall along the alley connecting High and Silver Streets at the side of the site.


Ashwell Museum website

Quaker Burial Ground, Angell’s Meadow, Ashwell

Now very overgrown at the cul-de-sac end of Angell’s Meadow. Some of the wall alongside a footpath up from Silver Street has gone allowing a view in. The Meeting House was destroyed by fire in 1850, having already been out of use.


Ashwell Museum website

United Reformed Church (former), Watling Street, Radlett (now Radlett Reform Synagogue)

Raised above street level at the south end of the town centre. It was built 1929-30 as the Congregational Church, replacing a building of 1905 at the rear and began being used by the Reform Jewish congregation in 1971. In 1980 the United Reformed Church congregation joined with the Methodists in their church as the United Free Church and the building became a Synagogue.


Synagogue history website

Local Listed building details

Chapels (former), Bishops College, Churchgate, Cheshunt

The Bishop’s College site has had three distinct uses. From 1792 until 1905 it was a college for training ministers, principally those of the Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion. It then became Bishops’ College, a training college for the Church of England from 1909 until 1968. Following that it became the council offices for Broxbourne Council and to which they have added a large post modern range to the south. The older buildings are at the north end of the site with a large eastern extension of 1870. Despite its ecclesiastical appearance, particularly the apsidal library, it did not contain a chapel (bottom right picture). The chapel of the orignal college are the buildings on the road front dating from 1806 and altered in the later 19th century, now called the Beaufort Suite, having been the council chamber prior to the modern buildings being finished. At the eastern end of the 1870s building there is a 1936 extension, designed by “Mobely” according to the Broxbourne Council leaflet referenced below, which was used as the chapel in later Anglican days (bottom left picture).


Broxbourne Council Churchgate Leaflet

Listed building details

Ashlyns School Chapel, Chesham Road, Berkhamsted

The Foundling School moved out from central London to Redhill, Surrey in 1925 while a new campus high above the south side of Berkhamsted was built. This was designed by John Mortimer Sheppard and completed in 1935.  Subsequently in 1951 this became a state secondary school – Ashlyns. The chapel is at the centre of the main school range, about 100 metres off the public road.


School website heritage page

A church near you entry

Listed building details

Quaker Burial Ground (Former), Port Hill, Hertford

On the opposite side of the town centre to the Meeting House. This plot of land is surrounded by high walls and locked gates. There are no markers left and the area has returned to a scrub of trees and rank weeds at the bottom of Port Hill next to what is now Oaks veterinary surgery. The land was acquired in 1661, but sold in the early 1970s and the headstones relocated to the garden behind the Meeting House.


Quaker Heritage datasheet

Chapel, Tring Cemetery, Aylesbury Road

At the western edge of the town, a small kept cemetery opened in 1894. The chapel is normally open.


Church website

St Thomas’ Mission Hall, Green Tye

Built in 1909 as an Anglican Mission hall from nearby St Thomas at Perry Green. Long used for many purposes, it is now the village hall.