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Baptist Church (former), rear of 39 Stocks Road, Aldbury

Hidden from the road behind Lace Cottage in Stocks Road, Aldbury. From the road only part of a tile hung wall can be seen, a public footpath at the rear of Stocks Road enables a view of an end wall only. It was built around 1827 or 1836 depending on the source used.

aldbury_baptist_former080916_  aldbury_baptist_former080916_2
 aldbury_baptist_former080916_6  aldbury_baptist_former080916_5

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St John the Baptist, Aldbury

On the edge of the Chiltern Hills in the west of Hertfordshire, in one of the county’s “chocolate box” villages. The church is the common Hertfordshire mix of 13th and 14th century work. The  stone parclose screens around the Pendley Chapel enclose the tomb of Sir Robert Whittingham and his wife. It was restored by Edward Browning in 1864-66.



aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_5 aldbury_church210411_5
  aldbury_church210411_4  aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_22
 aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_4             aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_16
 aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_3  aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_37
 aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_27  aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_35
 aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_34  aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_33
 aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_23  aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_24
 aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_20  aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_26
 aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_6  aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_55
 aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_63  aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_52
 aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_14  aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_15
 aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_46  aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_10
 aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_11  aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_9
 aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_7  aldbury_st_john_the_baptist160415_53

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