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Primitive Methodist (Former), Cheapside, Anstey

Sitting on the boundary between two houses in Cheapside, a short way from its replacement the Union Chapel built in 1902.  This small wooden chapel was built in the late 19th century and after replacement was used as a meeting room and hall, known locally as The Cabin. In 1988 it was sold to the two adjoining properties called Little Thatch and Oakwood. At the time of my visit in early September 2018 it was undergoing reconstruction. It is difficult to determine how much of the original building remains. The bottom right image shows the reconstructed building in January 2019.


My Primitive methodist entry

Union Chapel, Anstey

At the north end of this isolated village in the north east of the county. An independent congregation, the building dates from 1902. It was built as a Primitive Methodist church to replace a wooden building called “The Cabin” in Cheapside.

anstey_union_chapel070415_ anstey_union_chapel070415_1
 anstey_union_chapel070415_3  anstey_union_chapel070415_4
 anstey_union_chapel070415_5  anstey_union_chapel070415_2

St George, Anstey

In remote north east Herts.  The tower is 12th century, the chancel and transepts  13th century. Restoration in 1869-72 was by William Butterfield. The church has an unusual Norman “mermen” font. The memorial window to pilots from the nearby USAF airfield is by Patrick Reyntiens.



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 anstey_church_interior170708      anstey_st_george100616_30
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 anstey_st_george100616_55    anstey_st_george100616_47

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