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Cemetery Chapel, Ashwell

The cemetery is at the eastern end of this large village. A small simple building.


Primitive Methodist Church (former), West Street, Ashwell

Built in the mid 19th century and now housing called The Old Chapel.


Ashwell Museum website

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Wesleyan Methodist Church (Former), High Street, Ashwell

Replacing, the still extant, old church in 1880s but demolished in 1979 after the congregation joined that at the United Reformed Church in 1977. Four foundation stones are mounted in a wall along the alley connecting High and Silver Streets at the side of the site.


Ashwell Museum website

Quaker Burial Ground, Angell’s Meadow, Ashwell

Now very overgrown at the cul-de-sac end of Angell’s Meadow. Some of the wall alongside a footpath up from Silver Street has gone allowing a view in. The Meeting House was destroyed by fire in 1850, having already been out of use.


Ashwell Museum website

Weslyan Church (former), Church Street, Ashwell

Now a house at 1 Church Lane. It was built in 1833 but superseded by a now demolished (1979) new chapel in 1880.

 ashwell_former_weslyan060616_ ashwell_former_weslyan060616_1
 ashwell_former_weslyan060616_2  ashwell_former_weslyan060616_4

Zoar Strict Baptist Church, Gardiners Lane, Ashwell

A small chapel near the parish church. It dates from 1854 when it was built as a Particular Baptist church.

ashwell_zoar_chapel160114_ ashwell_zoar_chapel160114_1
 ashwell_zoar_chapel160114_3  ashwell_zoar_chapel160114_6

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United Reformed Church, High Street, Ashwell

Built in 1852 as the Congregational Church, replacing an earlier building destroyed by fire in 1850. There was an interior refurbishment in 1906 by George Baines.

ashwell_urc160114_ ashwell_urc160114_1
 ashwell_urc160114_2  ashwell_urc160114_4

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