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United Reformed Church, Whitehorse Lane, Baldock

Set back from Whitehorse Street and built in 1903-04.

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 baldock_united_reformed200515_3   baldock_united_reformed200515_2
 baldock_united_reformed200515_1  baldock_united_reformed200515_4

Local Listed building details

Friends Meeting House (former), Meeting House Lane, Baldock

A timber framed building of around 1750, long in non Quaker use. The last two pictures are from June 2015 after the completion of building work.

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Listed building details

Methodist Chapel, Whitehorse Street, Baldock

Built around 1853, in the town centre.

baldock_methodist201014_5  baldock_methodist201014_
 baldock_methodist200515_  baldock_methodist200515_1
 baldock_methodist200515_2  baldock_methodist200515_8
 baldock_methodist200515_3  baldock_methodist200515_7
 baldock_methodist200515_10  baldock_methodist200515_5

Church website

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Primitive Methodist Chapel (former), Church Street, Baldock

It was built in 1857 as a Primitive Methodist chapel but falling membership and lack of funds led to its closure in 1916. It is now in commercial use.

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 baldock_methodist_former201014_4  ???????????????????????????????

Local Listed building details

My Primitive Methodist Ancestors site

Holy Trinity and St Augustine, Baldock (Roman Catholic)

On the south side of the town near the Tesco superstore, a church of 1975-77 by Eva and Liam Bannon. It replaced two earlier churches in the town centre.Following leaks the flat roof was replaced by a pitched roof in 1987 designed by Chris Fanning.

baldock_holy_trinity_and_st_augustine_rc180713_  baldock_holy_trinity_and_st_augustine_rc180713_7
 baldock_holy_trinity_and_st_augustine_rc180713_8  baldock_holy_trinity_and_st_augustine_rc180713_6
 baldock_holy_trinity_and_st_augustine_rc180713_2 baldock_holy_trinity_and_st_augustine_rc180713_4

Church website

Taking Stock entry

St Mary, Baldock

The church of a small ex coaching town in North Hertfordshire, bearing some resemblance to nearby Ashwell and mainly dating from the 14th century. It underwent considerable restoration in 2011.

 baldock_st_mary201014_46  baldock_st_mary201014_40
 baldock_st_mary201014_42  baldock_st_mary201014_
 baldock_st_mary201014_39 ???????????????????????????????


 baldock_church200212_3  baldock_church200212_5
 baldock_st_mary201014_34              baldock_st_mary201014_37
 baldock_church200212_  baldock_st_mary201014_13

Church website

A church near you entry

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