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Baptist Church (former), rear of 39 Stocks Road, Aldbury

Hidden from the road behind Lace Cottage in Stocks Road, Aldbury. From the road only part of a tile hung wall can be seen, a public footpath at the rear of Stocks Road enables a view of an end wall only. It was built around 1827 or 1836 depending on the source used.

aldbury_baptist_former080916_  aldbury_baptist_former080916_2
 aldbury_baptist_former080916_6  aldbury_baptist_former080916_5

Listed building details

Free Church (Baptist), Hillside Road, Chorleywood

An arts and crafts building of 1905 with a hall added in 1934 and all designed by Herbert G. Ibberson. It was originally called a Baptist church but the name was changed to the current one in 1948. It is high above and south of the town centre.

 chorleywood_free010916_  chorleywood_free010916_2
 chorleywood_free010916_3  chorleywood_free010916_5
 chorleywood_free010916_9  chorleywood_free010916_10
 chorleywood_free010916_22  chorleywood_free010916_19
 chorleywood_free010916_7  chorleywood_free010916_20
 chorleywood_free010916_8  chorleywood_free010916_16
 chorleywood_free010916_17  chorleywood_free010916_15
 chorleywood_free010916_18  chorleywood_free010916_13

Church website

Listed building details

Baptist Church, High Street, Bovingdon

Reached by a footpath off the High Street. Built in 1872, it was closed from 1945-55. Road access to the newer building at the rear is via Apple Cotts.

bovingdon_baptist130716_  bovingdon_baptist130716_1

Church website

Baptist (former), Birch lane, Flaunden (now The Old Chapel)

The chapel dates from 1836 and is now housing. The old graveyard stands alongside.

flaunden_baptist_former130716_  flaunden_baptist_former130716_1

Baptist Church, The Street, Chipperfield

A building of 1837 with a later frontage added around 1886. There had been other enlargements in 1859 and 1867.

chipperfield_baptist130716_ chipperfield_baptist130716_2
 chipperfield_baptist130716_4  chipperfield_baptist130716_3

Conservation area appraisal with several mentions

Baptist (former), The Green, Sarratt

There was a Baptist chapel from 1857 which was enlarged in 1874. Like so many village chapels it closed, in 2006-2007, and is now housing. The foundation stones are largely covered by plants.

 sarratt_baptist_former130716_ sarratt_baptist_former130716_1
 sarratt_baptist_former130716_5  sarratt_baptist_former130716_2
 sarratt_baptist_former130716_3  sarratt_baptist_former130716_4

Local Listed building details

General Baptist Chapel (former), Frogmore Street, Tring

Almost unrecognisable as a chapel and heavily altered, it is now housing called Chapel House. It was built in 1751 and enlarged in 1839 and was replaced by the current Baptist church on the High street in 1889

tring_general_baptist_former070716_  tring_general_baptist_former070716_1
 tring_general_baptist_former070716_2  tring_general_baptist_former070716_4

Baptist Church, Chesham Road, Wigginton

Built around 1904 by William Huckvale, replacing the use of various buildings in the village. It has a much more recent frontage added.

 wigginton_baptist070716_  wigginton_baptist070716_13
 wigginton_baptist070716_2  wigginton_baptist070716_3
 wigginton_baptist070716_12  wigginton_baptist070716_4
 wigginton_baptist070716_5  wigginton_baptist070716_9
 wigginton_baptist070716_6  wigginton_baptist070716_7
 wigginton_baptist070716_8  wigginton_baptist070716_10

Church website

Baptist Church, Barnet Road, Potters Bar

There are three main buildings here. The current church opened in 1964, the older church dating from 1868, designed by W. Allen Dixon,  and at right angles to the rear of the old church another building (Sunday school?) of 1888. All are connected by various ancillary rooms, the older buildings now being used as halls The modern church has a conservatory type frontage added to provide a refreshment/circulation area.

                        potters_bar_baptist010716_  potters_bar_baptist010716_5
 potters_bar_baptist010716_29  potters_bar_baptist010716_28
 potters_bar_baptist010716_27  potters_bar_baptist010716_20
 potters_bar_baptist010716_21  potters_bar_baptist010716_25
 potters_bar_baptist010716_2  potters_bar_baptist010716_1
 potters_bar_baptist010716_3  potters_bar_baptist010716_4
 potters_bar_baptist010716_13  potters_bar_baptist010716_14
 potters_bar_baptist010716_12  potters_bar_baptist010716_15
 potters_bar_baptist010716_18  potters_bar_baptist010716_17
 potters_bar_baptist010716_8  potters_bar_baptist010716_6
 potters_bar_baptist010716_7  potters_bar_baptist010716_9

Church website

Locally Listed building details


Baptist Church, Penn Road, Park Street

A 1960s building in this suburban village just north of Frogmore.

park_street_baptist260616_ park_street_baptist260616_1
 park_street_baptist260616_2  park_street_baptist260616_3

Church website