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Baptist Church, High Street, Northchurch

Along the main street not far from the parish church. It was opened in 1900, replacing an older nearby chapel.

northchurch_baptist130616_ northchurch_baptist130616_1
 northchurch_baptist130616_3  northchurch_baptist130616_4

Church website

Christchurch (Peartree) Baptist, Tewin Road, Welwyn Garden City

A converted office building in the industrial zone of the town. It was formerly Indigo Court and was opened as a replacement for the previous office conversion in Broadwater Road in January 2016.

welwyn_garden_city_christchirch_baptist140316_  welwyn_garden_city_christchirch_baptist140316_1
welwyn_garden_city_christchirch_baptist140316_3  welwyn_garden_city_christchirch_baptist140316_2

Church website

Baptist Church, Gosforth Lane, South Oxhey

A new worship space was added after 2009 to the existing 1950s building.

  south_oxhey_baptist190216_2 south_oxhey_baptist190216_
 south_oxhey_baptist190216_1  south_oxhey_baptist190216_5
 south_oxhey_baptist190216_4  south_oxhey_baptist190216_3

Church website

Baptist Church, Park Avenue, North Bushey

A small suburban hall/church of the 1960s.

   north_bushey_baptist190216_3 north_bushey_baptist190216_1
 north_bushey_baptist190216_2  north_bushey_baptist190216_

Church website

West Watford Free Church (Baptist), Tolpits Lane, Watford

On the south side of Watford in the Holywell Estate, a church of 1957.

watford_west_baptist050116_  watford_west_baptist050116_1
 watford_west_baptist050116_5  watford_west_baptist050116_3

Church website

Kingswood Baptist, North Approach, Watford (former)

A small church serving north watford. It opened in 1950 and closed in September 2015.

watford_kingswood_baptist050116_  watford_kingswood_baptist050116_2

Church website

Christchurch (Peartree) Baptist (former), Broadwater Road, Welwyn Garden City

A branch of the Baptist church in Parkway, This has been based in an ex Highways Agency building on the eastern side of the railway since 2012. It was replaced in January 2016 by a new site at a former office building at Indigo Court in Tewin Road.

welwyn_garden_city_baptist_peartree231215_ welwyn_garden_city_baptist_peartree231215_1
 welwyn_garden_city_baptist_peartree231215_3  welwyn_garden_city_baptist_peartree231215_2

Church website

Baptist Church, 12 Furze Hill, Borehamwood

Just south of the main street, a post war church.

borehamwood_baptist220515_1  borehamwood_baptist220515_
 borehamwood_baptist220515_2  borehamwood_baptist220515_4

Church website

Baptist Chapel (former), Datchworth Green

At the western end of the Green, it was built in 1892 and extended in 1897. Closure came in 1976 and from 1978 it  has been by a model railway club, the Stevenage and District Model Railway Club’s  layouts filling its interior.

datchworth_green_chapel_former120515_  datchworth_green_chapel_former120515_1

Baptist Church (former), Cheddington Lane, Long Marston

Just east of the crossroads at the southern end of the village. It dates from 1869 and is now housing called Grace Lodge.

long_marston_baptist_chapel_former240415_  long_marston_baptist_chapel_former240415_1
 long_marston_baptist_chapel_former240415_2  long_marston_baptist_chapel_former240415_3