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Bunyan’s Chapel (former), Preston

Opposite the village green, this chapel is now a Stockbroker’s office. It was built in 1877 as a Baptist church commemorating the links that the area has with John Bunyan. It closed in 1987

preston_bunyans_chapel200415_ preston_bunyans_chapel200415_1
 preston_bunyans_chapel200415_2  preston_bunyans_chapel200415_6
 preston_bunyans_chapel200415_3  preston_bunyans_chapel200415_4

Preston history website

Baptist Chapel, Stevenage Road, Little Wymondley

On the main village street a small chapel that is not part of the Baptist Union.

 ???????????????????????????????  wymondley_chapel200415_1
 wymondley_chapel200415_3  wymondley_chapel200415_2

Church website

Baptist Church, Chapel Lane, Breachwood Green

A large hamlet just beyond Luton Airport’s runway. This rather urban chapel by George Baines and Sons dating from 1904 is the only place of worship here as the parish church is some way away at Kings Walden. It replaced an older 1870s building, whose schoolrooms remain at the rear. It also contains a much older pulpit reputed to be that used by John Bunyan in the late 17th century.

breachwood_green_baptist130415_  breachwood_green_baptist130415_2
 breachwood_green_baptist130415_18  breachwood_green_baptist130415_24
 breachwood_green_baptist130415_23  breachwood_green_baptist130415_22
 breachwood_green_baptist130415_12  breachwood_green_baptist130415_10
 breachwood_green_baptist130415_21  breachwood_green_baptist130415_17
 breachwood_green_baptist130415_16  breachwood_green_baptist130415_15
 breachwood_green_baptist130415_13  breachwood_green_baptist130415_14
 breachwood_green_baptist130415_3  breachwood_green_baptist130415_11
 breachwood_green_baptist130415_9  breachwood_green_baptist130415_4
 breachwood_green_baptist130415_5  breachwood_green_baptist130415_8
 breachwood_green_baptist130415_6  breachwood_green_baptist130415_7

Listed building details

Perry Green Baptist Church, Peters Green

At the eastern end of this small hamlet. This is a small relatively modern building replacing an older building, Union Chapel of  1886, on the same site. It is associated with Luton Central Baptist church.

peters_green_baptist130415_  peters_green_baptist130415_3
 peters_green_baptist130415_4  peters_green_baptist130415_9
 peters_green_baptist130415_8  peters_green_baptist130415_6

Church website

Baptist Church, Baldwins Lane, Croxley Green

A church of 1952 with many extensions both at the rear and the front.

  croxley_green_baptist230315_3  croxley_green_baptist230315_2
 croxley_green_baptist230315_1 croxley_green_baptist230315_

Church website

Baptist Church, High Strreet, Rickmansworth

At the eastern end of the High Street, the church was built in 1843.

rickmansworth_baptist230315_ rickmansworth_baptist230315_1
 rickmansworth_baptist230315_2  rickmansworth_baptist230315_4

Church website

Baptist Church, Field Way, Mill End

Just off the main road through this western suburb of Rickmansworth. It was built in 1960-61, replacing an 1823 chapel, and extended in 1998 and 2013

mill_end_baptist230315_ mill_end_baptist230315_1
 mill_end_baptist230315_4  mill_end_baptist230315_2

Church website

Baptist Church, Kings Road, London Colney

A short way off the northern end of the High Street sits this building of 1960 which replaced a chapel of 1875 that was on the High Street itself.

london_colney_baptist200314_  london_colney_baptist200314_1
 london_colney_baptist200314_2  london_colney_baptist200314_4

Church website

Baptist Church, School Mead, Abbots langley

About a mile from the village centre stands this church of 1959.

abbotts_langley_baptist130314_  abbotts_langley_baptist130314_1
 abbotts_langley_baptist130314_4  abbotts_langley_baptist130314_3

Church website

Baptist Chapel (Former), Primrose Hill, Kings Langley

Replaced by the 1930s chapel near the village centre. This building dates from 1875, and has been converted for commercial use.

 kings_langley_former_baptist130314_1 kings_langley_former_baptist130314_2