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Methodist Church, Lower Luton Road, Batford, Harpenden

On the main road through Batford which is effectively an eastern suburb of Harpenden. The church was built in 1904-05 to designs by Anscombe and Franklin.

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Harpenden Local History website on the church

All Saints, Station Road, Batford, Harpenden

Serving the eastern side of Harpenden, lying just off the Lower Luton Road through Batford. It was built in 1965 and designed by E.P. Wilson who was a member of the congregation. It replaced a mission church of 1887.

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 harpenden_all_saints240716_7  harpenden_all_saints240716_6
 harpenden_all_saints240716_5  harpenden_all_saints240716_4
 harpenden_all_saints240716_9  harpenden_all_saints240716_3

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