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Ashlyns School Chapel, Chesham Road, Berkhamsted

The Foundling School moved out from central London to Redhill, Surrey in 1925 while a new campus high above the south side of Berkhamsted was built. This was designed by John Mortimer Sheppard and completed in 1935.  Subsequently in 1951 this became a state secondary school – Ashlyns. The chapel is at the centre of the main school range, about 100 metres off the public road.


School website heritage page

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The Old Chapel (former Roman Catholic Church), 1 Park View Road, Berkhamsted

Built in 1909 and in use until 1967 when it was replaced by the current church on the other side of the town centre. It is now used as offices.

  berkhamsted_the_old_chapel130616_3  berkhamsted_the_old_chapel130616_2
 berkhamsted_the_old_chapel130616_  berkhamsted_the_old_chapel130616_4
 berkhamsted_the_old_chapel130616_6  berkhamsted_the_old_chapel130616_5

Church website

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Prospect Place Wesleyan Chapel, Highfield Road, Berkhamsted (former)

On a road off the High Street near the Baptist Church. Used only from 1854-56, it has long been converted into a pair of semi-detached houses.

  berkhamsted_propect_place_weslyan_chapel_former130616_2 berkhamsted_propect_place_weslyan_chapel_former130616_1
 berkhamsted_propect_place_weslyan_chapel_former130616_  berkhamsted_propect_place_weslyan_chapel_former130616_4

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Weslyan Methodist Chapel (former), Cowper Road, Berkhamsted

Now the Christian Science building. The church closed in 1956. The school building behind it is now housing.

berkhamsted_christian_science160415_  berkhamsted_christian_science160415_1
 berkhamsted_christian_science160415_2  berkhamsted_christian_science160415_3
 berkhamsted_old_chapel_house160415_2  berkhamsted_old_chapel_house160415_1

Primitive Methodist (former), High Street, Berkhamsted

Now Dominos Pizza and hardly recognisable as a chapel of 1867, it was converted into offices in the 1970s and flats and retail premises in 2004. Large arched windows are just visible at the side of the building.

berkhamsted_primitive_methodist_former160415_ berkhamsted_primitive_methodist_former160415_1

My Primitive Methodist Ancestors website

Beulah Chapel, Kings Road, Berkhamsted

Over the road and up the hill from Kings Road Church who own the building as a meeting room.

berkhamsted_beulah_kings_road_church101114_ berkhamsted_beulah_kings_road_church101114_1

Church website

Kings Road Church, Berkhamsted

Just off the north side of the High Street, but most services are held in the Civic Centre.

 berkhamsted_kings_road_church101114_ berkhamsted_kings_road_church101114_3

Church website

Baptist Church, High Street, Berkhamsted

At the east end of the town centre, a church of 1864.

berkhamsted_baptist160415_26  berkhamsted_baptist101114_3
 ???????????????????????????????  berkhamsted_baptist101114_5
 berkhamsted_baptist160415_25  berkhamsted_baptist160415_2
 berkhamsted_baptist160415_9  berkhamsted_baptist160415_12
 berkhamsted_baptist160415_13  berkhamsted_baptist160415_22
 berkhamsted_baptist160415_21  berkhamsted_baptist160415_18
 berkhamsted_baptist160415_19  berkhamsted_baptist160415_17
 berkhamsted_baptist160415_16  berkhamsted_baptist160415_11
 berkhamsted_baptist160415_8  berkhamsted_baptist160415_6

Church website

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Quaker Meeting House, 289 High Street, Berkhamsted

In a small garden at the western end of the High Street. The Meeting dates from 1818 with a large porch added in recent times.

berkhamsted_quaker101114_  berkhamsted_quaker101114_1

Church website

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Berkhamsted School Chapel

An independent school just off the town centre. The chapel lays alongside the road and was designed by Charles Henry Rew and built in 1894-95.


School website

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