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Chapel, Hockerill Anglo-European College, Dunmow Road, Bishop’s Stortford

Built as a Church of England Training college in 1852 by Joseph Clarke. The site was a boarding school before its present status as a boarding and day school academy. The chapel of 1878 (middle gable) is just visible from the road, but is hidden by other buildings from the footpath that skirts the school site.

bishops_stortford_hockerill_anglo_european_chapel170217_5  bishops_stortford_hockerill_anglo_european_chapel170217_3

Listed building details

Chapel (former), Workhouse, Cavell Drive, Hockerill, Bishops Stortford

The workhouse, on the eastern side of the town has been redeveloped as housing since 2004 after being the Herts and Essex Hospital which has been rebuilt on part of the site. It was built between 1836 and 1842 according to the town council source which identifies the building below as a chapel or 1856 according to the listing which does not mention a chapel. This building and its twin next door are described in the listing as entrance lodges. The third source does not mention a chapel at all.

bishops_stortford_former_workhouse140916_4  bishops_stortford_former_workhouse140916_3

Town Council website

Listed building details

Workhouses website

Chapels, New Cemetery, Apton Road, Bishops Stortford

Two chapels, one Anglican and in use (left hand column) one now disused (non-conformist) right hand column of pictures. They are designed by G.E. Pritchett and date from 1855.

  bishops_stortford_cemetery_anglican_chapel040715_2  bishops_stortford_cemetery_non_conformist_chapel040715_
 bishops_stortford_cemetery_anglican_chapel040715_  bishops_stortford_cemetery_non_conformist_chapel040715_2
 bishops_stortford_cemetery_anglican_chapel040715_3  bishops_stortford_cemetery_non_conformist_chapel040715_5
 bishops_stortford_cemetery_anglican_chapel040715_4  bishops_stortford_cemetery_non_conformist_chapel040715_4
 bishops_stortford_cemetery_anglican_chapel040715_1  bishops_stortford_cemetery_non_conformist_chapel040715_3

History of Cemetery on local history website

Listed building details

The Baptist Church Centre, Twyford Road, Bishops Stortford

On an industrial estate in the south of the town. The centre was built in 2012 as a replacement for the Newtown Road chapel.

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 bishops_stortford_baptist_centre071014_4  bishops_stortford_baptist_centre071014_2
    bushops_stortford_baptist150616_4  bushops_stortford_baptist150616_6
 bushops_stortford_baptist150616_5  bushops_stortford_baptist150616_1
 bushops_stortford_baptist150616_2  bushops_stortford_baptist150616_3
 bushops_stortford_baptist150616_  bushops_stortford_baptist150616_7

Church website

The Hub (International Network of Churches), Portland Street, Bishops Stortford

Just off the main street of the town and built for the Salvation Army in the mid 1920s. The Salvation Army left in 1999 and it now used by a church that is part of the International Network of Churches (formerly Christian Outreach Centre), a group founded in Australia.

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Church website


Baptist Church, Newtown Road, Bishops Stortford (former)

Close to the town centre, it was built in 1899 and became redundant in 2000. It was eventually replaced by a modern centre some way out of the town centre. It is now converted to residential and commercial use.

???????????????????????????????  bishops_stortford_baptist_church_former071014_2
 bishops_stortford_baptist_church_former071014_5  bishops_stortford_baptist_church_former071014_6
 bishops_stortford_baptist_church_former071014_3  bishops_stortford_baptist_church_former071014_4

Information about the Building

Methodist Church, South Street, Bishops Stortford

Right in the middle of the town centre. The church dates from 1902. Large extensions for halls etc on the south side abut right up to the church building.

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 ???????????????????????????????  bishops_stortford_methodist071014_2
 bishops_stortford_methodist071014_5  bishops_stortford_methodist071014_1
 bishops_stortford_methodist071014_10  bishops_stortford_methodist071014_9

Church website