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Congregational Church (former), Box Lane, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead

On the edge of Hemel beyond the railway station this chapel was founded in 1668, re-built in 1690 and altered in 1856 and 1876. It closed in 1969 and is now a house, the upper story dates from this conversion.

 hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_congregational_former060315_ hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_congregational_former060315_2

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St Mary & St Joseph, St Johns Road, Boxmoor

Serving western Hemel Hempstead. The church dates from 1898 (Blessed Sacrament Chapel), extended in 1900 (sacristy), 1903 (chapel extended), 1938 (further extension by A. H. Archard of Marshall & Archard) and 1951 (sanctuary and further extension by Archard Partners).

boxmoor_st_mary_and_st_joseph_rc121113_  boxmoor_st_mary_and_st_joseph_rc121113_1
 boxmoor_st_mary_and_st_joseph_rc121113_3  boxmoor_st_mary_and_st_joseph_rc121113_5
 boxmoor_st_mary_and_st_joseph_rc121113_4  boxmoor_st_mary_and_st_joseph_rc121113_2
 hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_st_mary_st_joseph_rc060315_  hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_st_mary_st_joseph_rc060315_10
 hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_st_mary_st_joseph_rc060315_1  hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_st_mary_st_joseph_rc060315_9
 hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_st_mary_st_joseph_rc060315_8  hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_st_mary_st_joseph_rc060315_4

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St John the Evangelist, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead

Attractively sited at one end of Boxmoor Common , just south west of the new town centre. It is a church of 1868-74 by R.  Norman Shaw, with a western extension by T.F. Woodman of 1893. The Dalle de Verre window is by Joseph Nuttgens and dates from 1972. The brass is a 20th century memorial in a medieval style.

  boxmoor_st_john_the_evangalist121113_3  boxmoor_st_john_the_evangalist121113_1
 boxmoor_st_john_the_evangalist121113_5  boxmoor_st_john_the_evangelist300814_25
 boxmoor_st_john_the_evangalist121113_           boxmoor_st_john_the_evangelist300814_18
 boxmoor_st_john_the_evangelist300814_7  boxmoor_st_john_the_evangelist300814_6
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boxmoor_st_john_the_evangelist300814_15 boxmoor_st_john_the_evangelist300814_16

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