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Methodist Church, The Street, Braughing

A small chapel just off the centre of this attractive village. It opened in 1883.

braughing_methodist070415_1 braughing_methodist070415_2
 braughing_methodist070415_3  braughing_methodist070415_5
 braughing_methodist070415_4  braughing_methodist070415_7

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Evangelical Congregational Chapel, Fleece Lane, Braughing

Near the church but only accessible from a public footpath. It is a much altered timber-framed building. The land  was acquired in 1762 for the construction of the chapel. It was closed in 2014.

   braughing_chapel070415_3  braughing_chapel070415_1
 braughing_chapel070415_2  braughing_chapel070415_4

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St Mary the Virgin, Braughing

Hidden in a hollow below the main road forming the western edge of this scattered village. Apart from the chancel, the church is entirely 15th century.

 braughing_church150413_19  braughing_church170511_8
 braughing_church170511_7  braughing_church170511_3
 braughing_st_mary070415_3  braughing_church170511_1
 braughing_st_mary070415_21  braughing_church150413_12
 braughing_church150413_7  braughing_church150413_6
 braughing_church150413_5  braughing_st_mary070415_15
 braughing_st_mary070415_13  braughing_st_mary070415_9
 braughing_st_mary070415_26  braughing_st_mary070415_23
 braughing_st_mary070415_39  braughing_st_mary070415_28
 braughing_st_mary070415_29  braughing_st_mary070415_30
 braughing_st_mary070415_44  braughing_st_mary070415_37
 braughing_st_mary070415_19  braughing_st_mary070415_27

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