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Congregational Church (former), Station Road, Bricket Wood

Built in 1895 and in use until the 1960s when it was replaced by what is now the United Reformed Church. It is now Universal Lawnmowers.

 bricket_wood_congrgational_former260616_ bricket_wood_congrgational_former260616_1

United Reformed Church, West Riding, Bricket Wood

Two 1960s buildings at right angles to each other, the current hall was the church and the current church was added as a hall. It replaced the old Congregational Church which is now a lawn mower shop.

bricket_wood_urc260616_ bricket_wood_urc260616_2
 bricket_wood_urc260616_3  bricket_wood_urc260616_1

St Luke, Bricket Wood

In the suburbia between St Albans and Watford that is Bricket Wood. The church  dates from 1936 and was imported in kit form from Canada. It has since been re-aligned with the sanctuary at the old entrance end.

bricket_wood_st_luke020514_ bricket_wood_st_luke020514_1
 bricket_wood_st_luke020514_6  bricket_wood_st_luke020514_3
          bricket_wood_st_luke260616_11  bricket_wood_st_luke260616_10
 bricket_wood_st_luke260616_1  bricket_wood_st_luke260616_
 bricket_wood_st_luke260616_3  bricket_wood_st_luke260616_9
 bricket_wood_st_luke260616_6  bricket_wood_st_luke260616_4
 bricket_wood_st_luke260616_7  bricket_wood_st_luke260616_8

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