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Chapel, St Margaret’s Clergy Orphan School, Merry Hill Lane, Bushey

On the rural edge of Bushey. An independent girl’s school dating from 1897 and designed by Alfred and Paul Waterhouse. The chapel is easily visible as it is alongside the road at the school entrance.

  bushey_st_margaret_school_chapel150916_  bushey_st_margaret_school_chapel150916_1
 bushey_st_margaret_school_chapel150916_3  bushey_st_margaret_school_chapel150916_2

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Chapel (former), Royal Masonic School for Boys, The Avenue, Bushey now Royal Connaught Park

Part of a vast collection of buildings on the edge of Bushey. The chapel is flint faced, while the rest of the site is red brick. The school dates from 1902 and was designed by Gordon, Lowther and Gunton. It closed in 1977 and was briefly the United States International University (Europe). The site is now being redeveloped as Royal Connaught Park which much new building. However the chapel is surrounded by scaffolding and totally stripped of furnishings, decoration and floor. See the link below for the interior in a state of dereliction but complete as recently as 2013. It was designed by E.Doran Webb and built in 1900. The interior is visible though an rsj supported opening where the organ appears to have been removed. The foundation stone is at the east end but is difficult to see through green netting and scaffolding.

bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_24  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_17
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_1  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_15
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_2  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_3
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_4  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_6
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_8  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_14
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_9  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_10
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_13  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_11
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_22  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_16

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Urbex images at 28 Days Later website

Primitive Methodist Chapel (Former), Melbourne Road/High Street, Bushey now Heronslea Group offices

Built in 1852 but it ceased to be a chapel in 1883 with a move to a relatively recently demolished tin church. It was converted into a private theatre by Sir Hubert Herkomer in about 1887, being close to his house and art school. It was extended in 1912-1913 when it became a film studio called ‘The Glass Studios’. All are now part of an office complex.

bushey_former_primitive_methodist050916_ bushey_former_primitive_methodist050916_1
 bushey_former_primitive_methodist050916_2  bushey_st_margaret_school_chapel150916_5

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Baptist Church, Chalk Hill, Bushey

Just down and over the road from the Methodist church. The building dates from 1882 and was designed by W.H. Syme.

  bushey_baptist151214_3  bushey_baptist151214_
 bushey_baptist151214_1  bushey_baptist151214_4

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Congregational Church (former), High Street, Bushey (now Margaret Howard Theatre and Studios)

Next to the Rose garden at the Bushey Heath end of Bushey. It was designed by Percy Morley-Horder and built 1904. It is now a Theatre studio.

bushey_congregational_former151214_  bushey_congregational_former151214_1
 bushey_congregational_former151214_5  bushey_congregational_former151214_6
 bushey_congregational_former151214_2  bushey_congregational_former151214_3


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Bushey and Oxhey Methodist, Chalk Hill, Bushey

Built in 1905, with the entrance area redeveloped in 2007. The galleries have been boxed in and a semi circular ceiling built between them. The architects were C. Bell Withers and Meredith.

 bushey_methodist151214_1 bushey_methodist151214_2
 bushey_methodist151214_5  bushey_methodist151214_4
 bushey_methodist190216_  bushey_methodist190216_3
 bushey_methodist190216_4  bushey_methodist190216_27
 bushey_methodist190216_25  bushey_methodist190216_19
 bushey_methodist190216_21  bushey_methodist190216_22
 bushey_methodist190216_23  bushey_methodist190216_26
 bushey_methodist190216_10  bushey_methodist190216_9
 bushey_methodist190216_5  bushey_methodist190216_7
 bushey_methodist190216_11  bushey_methodist190216_18
 bushey_methodist190216_17  bushey_methodist190216_16
 bushey_methodist190216_15  bushey_methodist190216_12

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St Andrew Methodist, High Road, Bushey Heath

At the eastern end of Bushey Heath. Its dates from 1967-68 replacing a building of 1891 on a nearby site and now demolished.

 bushey_heath_st_andrew_methodist151214_  bushey_heath_st_andrew_methodist151214_3
 bushey_heath_st_andrew_methodist151214_2  bushey_heath_st_andrew_methodist151214_4

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Sacred Heart and St John the Evangelist, London Road, Bushey (Roman Catholic)

Just down the main road to Watford from St James, it is a prominent feature of the road, designed by A.J. Hodson Archard and built 1958-59.

bushey_Sacred Heart and St John the Evangelist270114_ bushey_Sacred Heart and St John the Evangelist270114_2
 bushey_Sacred Heart and St John the Evangelist270114_6  bushey_Sacred Heart and St John the Evangelist270114_3
 bushey_Sacred Heart and St John the Evangelist270114_4  bushey_sacred-heart_st_john_rc151214_

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St Peter, Bushey Heath

Prominently sited by the main road into north London, 2 miles south-east of Watford town centre. The chancel is by James Neale dating from 1891. The nave of 1911 is by G.H. Fellowes-Prynne as is the apsidal war memorial chapel of 1921. The west window and one in the north aisle are by Henry Holiday.

bushey_heath_st_peter270114_  bushey_heath_st_peter270114_1
 bushey_heath_st_peter270114_31  bushey_heath_st_peter270114_34
 bushey_heath_st_peter270114_23  bushey_heath_st_peter270114_7
 bushey_heath_st_peter270114_5  bushey_heath_st_peter270114_6
 bushey_heath_st_peter270114_17  bushey_heath_st_peter270114_26
 bushey_heath_st_peter270114_22  bushey_heath_st_peter270114_14
 bushey_heath_st_peter270114_11  bushey_heath_st_peter270114_10
 bushey_heath_st_peter270114_20  bushey_heath_st_peter270114_4
bushey_heath_st_peter270114_2  bushey_heath_st_peter270114_3

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St Paul, Bushey Hall Road, Bushey

An early hall church in the eastern suburbs of Watford. It dates from 1904. The chancel is often screened off and a nave altar in the hall section used.

bushey_st_paul240114_  bushey_st_paul240114_3
 bushey_st_paul240114_5  bushey_st_paul240114_16
 bushey_st_paul240114_4  bushey_st_paul240114_13

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