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Cemetery Chapel, Ashwell

The cemetery is at the eastern end of this large village. A small simple building.


Woollensbrook Cemetery & Crematorium, Hertford Road, Hoddesdon

Alongside the A10 on the country side of the A10 coming out of Hoddesdon. It was opened in 2017 and there is a chapel in the main building at the top of the hill.


Chapel, Tring Cemetery, Aylesbury Road

At the western edge of the town, a small kept cemetery opened in 1894. The chapel is normally open.


Church website

Chapel, North Watford Cemetery, North Western Avenue

Just north of the northern ring road around Watford. The chapel, still in use, is contemporary with the cemetery which open in 1931.

watford_north_watford_cemetery240117_5  watford_north_watford_cemetery240117_
 watford_north_watford_cemetery240117_2  watford_north_watford_cemetery240117_6
 watford_north_watford_cemetery240117_3  watford_north_watford_cemetery240117_4

Heath Lane Cemetery Chapels, Hemel Hempstead

On a hilltop overlooking the town, there are two disused chapels facing each other. One was Anglican and the other non conformist.  They are similar but one has lancets at the entrance end and a gable cross, the other no crosses but cross-shaped windows at the entrance end. The cemetery dates from 1878.

  hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_2 hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_12
 hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_4  hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_8
 hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_14  hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_9
 hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_3  hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_

Cemetery website

Harwood Park Crematorium, Watton Road, Stevenage

Just beyond the southern edge of Stevenage. A modern crematorium privately owned by Austin’s undertakers. There is a non denominational chapel in the complex.

  harwood_park041015_2  harwood_park041015_1


Chapel, Hatfield Road Cemetery, St Albans

On the east side of the town opposite St Paul’s church. The chapel is a nineteenth century building

  st_albans_cemetery150915_2  st_albans_cemetery150915_1
 st_albans_cemetery150915_  st_albans_cemetery150915_7

Cemetery website

Chapels, New Cemetery, Apton Road, Bishops Stortford

Two chapels, one Anglican and in use (left hand column) one now disused (non-conformist) right hand column of pictures. They are designed by G.E. Pritchett and date from 1855.

  bishops_stortford_cemetery_anglican_chapel040715_2  bishops_stortford_cemetery_non_conformist_chapel040715_
 bishops_stortford_cemetery_anglican_chapel040715_  bishops_stortford_cemetery_non_conformist_chapel040715_2
 bishops_stortford_cemetery_anglican_chapel040715_3  bishops_stortford_cemetery_non_conformist_chapel040715_5
 bishops_stortford_cemetery_anglican_chapel040715_4  bishops_stortford_cemetery_non_conformist_chapel040715_4
 bishops_stortford_cemetery_anglican_chapel040715_1  bishops_stortford_cemetery_non_conformist_chapel040715_3

History of Cemetery on local history website

Listed building details

Chapel, Weston Lane Cemetery, Stevenage

On the northern edge of the town and dating from 1988.

 stevenage_weston_lane_cemetery270615_ stevenage_weston_lane_cemetery270615_1

Cemetery website

Chapels, West Herts Cemetery, High Elms Lane, Garston

There are two chapels next to each other. The larger North Chapel dates from 1959  and the smaller South chapel from 1977 .

DSC01850 DSC01851
 DSC01854  DSC01853
 DSC01856  DSC01855

Crematorium website