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Rosedale Community Church, Andrew’s Lane, Cheshunt (Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion)

A low hall with the worship space on the left hand side of the building, just the banner and cross indicate this inside.


Royal House of Grace, Delamare Road, Cheshunt (Redeemed Christian Church of God)

A conversion of a commercial unit on an industrial estate near Cheshunt station.

Chapels (former), Bishops College, Churchgate, Cheshunt

The Bishop’s College site has had three distinct uses. From 1792 until 1905 it was a college for training ministers, principally those of the Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion. It then became Bishops’ College, a training college for the Church of England from 1909 until 1968. Following that it became the council offices for Broxbourne Council and to which they have added a large post modern range to the south. The older buildings are at the north end of the site with a large eastern extension of 1870. Despite its ecclesiastical appearance, particularly the apsidal library, it did not contain a chapel (bottom right picture). The chapel of the orignal college are the buildings on the road front dating from 1806 and altered in the later 19th century, now called the Beaufort Suite, having been the council chamber prior to the modern buildings being finished. At the eastern end of the 1870s building there is a 1936 extension, designed by “Mobely” according to the Broxbourne Council leaflet referenced below, which was used as the chapel in later Anglican days (bottom left picture).


Broxbourne Council Churchgate Leaflet

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Chapels, Cemetery, Dark Lane, Cheshunt

A pair of chapels with a common tower (1855) in this cemetery in the Bury Green area of western Cheshunt. Still in use and restored in 2015-2016 (see pictures with scaffolding).

 cheshunt_cemetery060516_4  cheshunt_cemetery060516_9
 cheshunt_cemetery060516_8  cheshunt_cemetery040515_4
cheshunt_cemetery040515_ cheshunt_cemetery040515_1
 cheshunt_cemetery040515_5  cheshunt_cemetery040515_7

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Mill Lane Chapel, High Street, Cheshunt

An independent evangelical chapel on the main road from Cheshunt to Wormley. A large hall extension has been added to original chapel

cheshunt_mill_lane_chapel240216_  cheshunt_mill_lane_chapel281114_1
 cheshunt_mill_lane_chapel240216_3  cheshunt_mill_lane_chapel281114_4
  cheshunt_mill_lane_chapel240216_1  cheshunt_mill_lane_chapel240216_2

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Free Church (United Reformed Church), High St, Cheshunt

A mile north of the modern centre of Cheshunt (Old pond) on the main road towards Turnford. A foundation stone has a date of 1889 shows that this church was used by the Countess of Huntingdon’s Connection who had a training college in Cheshunt (which moved towards Congregationalism – constituent church of the URC) and still have churches in the area. The interior has been subdivided leaving a small worship area.

cheshunt_united_reformed_church281114_  cheshunt_united_reformed_church281114_3
 cheshunt_united_reformed_church281114_6  cheshunt_united_reformed_church281114_4
 cheshunt_united_reformed_church281114_5    cheshunt_free_church120915_2
 cheshunt_free_church120915_1  cheshunt_free_church120915_4
 cheshunt_free_church120915_  cheshunt_free_church120915_5

St Paul, Cheshunt (Roman Catholic)

Down a dead end un-surfaced road, it is dated 1896 but looks more like a hall than a church, which is exactly what it was as it was built as a hall for the Anglican parish church and only acquired by the Roman Catholic church in 1998.

 cheshunt_st_paul_rc200413_1  cheshunt_st_paul_rc060516_1
  cheshunt_st_paul_rc060516_2  cheshunt_st_paul_rc060516_5
 cheshunt_st_paul_rc060516_7  cheshunt_st_paul_rc060516_6

Church website

Taking Stock entry

St Mary the Virgin, Cheshunt

The entire church was built between 1418 and 1448, except for the south chancel chapel which is a 19th century addition by Joseph Clarke. The organ case is all that remains of Bodley’s decorative scheme. It stands in the older part of Cheshunt well west of the town centre.

cheshunt_church121011_ cheshunt_church121011_1
cheshunt_st_mary060516_2 cheshunt_church121011_4
cheshunt_st_mary140614_7 cheshunt_st_mary140614_24
cheshunt_st_mary140614_31 cheshunt_st_mary140614_12
St Mary Cheshunt Hertfordshire Churches in Photographs - Hertfordshire Church images
cheshunt_st_mary140614_22 St Mary Cheshunt Hertfordshire Churches in Photographs - Hertfordshire Church images

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