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Congregational Church (former), Horseshoe Hill, Great Hormead

Half way up the steep hill leading south from the village’s main street. The current building is by the Rev. A R Goddard and dates from 1889, it replaced a chapel of 1812. The church closed in 1965, apart from a funeral service in 1967/8 and was eventually sold to an organisation called Back to God, but their plans fell through and by 1973 it was vandalised, but was saved by conversion to a house in 1977. There are still, mostly flattened, grave stones in the front garden.

great_hormead_congregational_former111116_5  great_hormead_congregational_former111116_4
 great_hormead_congregational_former111116_1  great_hormead_congregational_former111116_2

Congregational Church (former), Hunsdon Road, Widford now Chapel House

Standing on its own south of Widford on the road to Hunsdon, this chapel of 1898 is now in domestic use and has been much altered. It ceased to be a chapel in the 1960s.

widford_old_chapel290816_ widford_old_chapel290816_1
 widford_old_chapel290816_3  widford_old_chapel290816_5
 widford_old_chapel290816_4  widford_old_chapel290816_2

Congregational Church (former), Station Road, Bricket Wood

Built in 1895 and in use until the 1960s when it was replaced by what is now the United Reformed Church. It is now Universal Lawnmowers.

 bricket_wood_congrgational_former260616_ bricket_wood_congrgational_former260616_1

Congregational Church (former), High Street, Elstree

Just up the road from the parish church. Dating from 1876, it closed around 2010 and is now converted to housing.

elstree_free_church070516_ elstree_free_church070516_1
 elstree_free_church070516_4  elstree_free_church070516_2

Church website

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Local Listed building details

Congregational Church, Hadham Cross, Much Hadham

On the main road through this large east Hertfordshire village. It dates from 1872-1874 and designed by Habershon & Brock, the hall behind and to the side is a very similar building.

Therfield Chapel

Near the centre of the village. The congregation dates from 1836 but the chapel is a little later. Originally an Independent then a Congregational Church, it is now an independent congregational chapel. The burial ground is on the other side of the road and behind the village primary school. The balcony was converted into a rather individual coffee bar some time ago.

Therfield_chapel220815_1  Therfield_chapel220815_3
 Therfield_chapel220815_4 Therfield_chapel220815_

Church website

Congregational Chapel (former), Chapel Lane, Hadham Ford

Hadham Ford is a southern outlier of Little Hadham. The chapel appears to have been disused for a number of years (Google streetview shows it so in 2009 judging by the state of the now gone notice board). The adjacent hall is now a private house. The chapel was built 1874-75 and designed by John Sulman who went on to be a prominent architect in Australia. An application for conversion to a house was made in January 2017.

      hadham_ford_congregational_former040715_6  hadham_ford_congregational_former040715_4
 hadham_ford_congregational_former040715_3  hadham_ford_congregational_former040715_2
 hadham_ford_congregational_former040715_ hadham_ford_congregational_former040715_1

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Congregational Chapel (former), Roe Green, Sandon

At western end, with its former manse, of this large green, one of several in the large spread-out village of Sandon. It was built in 1868 and is now housing, having closed in 1986.

roe_green_congregational_former140415_  roe_green_congregational_former140415_1
 roe_green_congregational_former140415_3  roe_green_congregational_former140415_7
 roe_green_congregational_former140415_8  roe_green_congregational_former140415_6

Congregational Church, Station Road, Puckeridge

An independent Congregational church in this large village north of ware. The left hand wing in the upper photos is the manse.

 puckeridge_congregational070415_ puckeridge_congregational070415_1

Evangelical Congregational Chapel, Fleece Lane, Braughing

Near the church but only accessible from a public footpath. It is a much altered timber-framed building. The land  was acquired in 1762 for the construction of the chapel. It was closed in 2014.

   braughing_chapel070415_3  braughing_chapel070415_1
 braughing_chapel070415_2  braughing_chapel070415_4

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