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Chapel of the Annuciation (former), Furneux Pelham (Roman Catholic)

A 16th century barn at Tinker’s hall whose upper floor was transformed into a Roman Catholic chapel in the 1940s when Neville and Florence Lake, owners of the Rayments brewery in the village converted to Roman Catholicism and decided they wanted their own chapel. It was served by priests from surrounding parishes until its closure in July 2013. The furnishings and vestments that had been collected from a variety of sources were dispersed after closure.

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 furneux_pelham_annunciation_rc_former110515_2  furneux_pelham_annunciation_rc_former110515_1

YouTube video of the church from 2011

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St Mary the Virgin, Furneux Pelham

The largest village and church of the Pelhams and featuring William Morris glass designed by Burne-Jones. The ceiling of the nave was restored and brightly painted in recent years. The nave and tower date from the 14th century, the chancel from  the 13th century.. The south chapel was added around 1518.

furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_  furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_39
 furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_43 furneux_pelham_st_mary270613_10
 furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_6 furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_1
   furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_3 furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_8
 furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_30 furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_27
 furneux_pelham_st_mary270613_28 furneux_pelham_st_mary270613_24
furneux_pelham_st_mary270613_37 furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_23
 furneux_pelham_st_mary270613_22  furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_4
 furneux_pelham_st_mary270613_18 furneux_pelham_st_mary270613_19
 furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_24  furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_35
 furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_11  furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_36
furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_5 furneux_pelham_st_mary110515_34

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