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Southdown Methodist Church, Harpenden

A much altered Primitive Methodist church of 1865, its current front and interior arrangements date from 1970.

 harpenden_southdown_methodist300315_1  harpenden_southdown_methodist300315_2

Church website

High Street Methodist Church, Harpenden

As the name suggests right in the centre of town on the High Street and open most mornings and all day Friday as there is a cafe in the hall which is in the same complex. It was built in 1929 to designs by A. Brace replacing two older churches.

  harpenden_methodist_church250914_13  harpenden_methodist_church250914_12
 harpenden_methodist_church250914_6  harpenden_methodist_church250914_5
 harpenden_methodist_church250914_3  harpenden_methodist_church250914_9
 harpenden_methodist_church250914_8  harpenden_methodist_church250914_7
 harpenden_methodist_church250914_10  harpenden_methodist_church250914_11

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St John the Baptist, Harpenden

Overlooking the Common on the south side of the town. It dates from 1908 the architect was Frederick Charles Eden  with the 1999 reordering undertaken by Martin Bragg Caroe.

  harpenden_st_john_the_baptist150613_2  harpenden_st_john_the_baptist150613_5
harpenden_st_john_the_baptist150613_ harpenden_st_john_the_baptist150613_1
 harpenden_st_john_the_baptist150613_4                 harpenden_st_john300315_36
 harpenden_st_john300315_24  harpenden_st_john300315_35
 harpenden_st_john300315_  harpenden_st_john300315_13
 harpenden_st_john300315_3  harpenden_st_john300315_7
 harpenden_st_john300315_27  harpenden_st_john300315_25
 harpenden_st_john300315_26  harpenden_st_john300315_16
 harpenden_st_john300315_19  harpenden_st_john300315_17

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St Mary the Virgin, Kinsbourne Green

A small but recently extended chapel right on the Bedfordshire border. It was built as a school/church in 1869 with recent extensions of 2008. The decoration at the east end is by the noted illustrator Gordon Beningfield.

kinsbourne_green_st_mary150613_3  kinsbourne_green_st_mary150613_
 kinsbourne_green_st_mary150613_2 kinsbourne_green_st_mary150613_1
 kinsbourne_green_st_mary150613_4     kinsbourne_green_st_mary010713_7
 kinsbourne_green_st_mary010713_9 kinsbourne_green_st_mary010713_2
 kinsbourne_green_st_mary010713_3 kinsbourne_green_st_mary010713_4

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Our Lady of Lourdes, Harpenden (Roman Catholic)

By F.A, Walters 1928-36. Next door to St Nicholas in the town centre, a very dark church as virtually every window is full of stained glass.

          harpenden_our_lady_rc300315_2  harpenden_our_lady_rc150613_
 harpenden_our_lady_rc300315_6 harpenden_our_lady_rc300315_17

Church website

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St Nicholas, Harpenden

Apart from the 15th century tower a church of 1862 by W. Slater with a north aisle added in 1898-99 by R. Brown and Sons.

harpenden_st_nicholas150613_  harpenden_st_nicholas150613_3
 harpenden_st_nicholas151013_1 harpenden_st_nicholas151013_10
 harpenden_st_nicholas151013_13 harpenden_st_nicholas151013_16
 harpenden_st_nicholas151013_15 harpenden_st_nicholas151013_18

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All Saints, Station Road, Batford, Harpenden

Serving the eastern side of Harpenden, lying just off the Lower Luton Road through Batford. It was built in 1965 and designed by E.P. Wilson who was a member of the congregation. It replaced a mission church of 1887.

harpenden_all_saints150613_2  harpenden_all_saints150613_
harpenden_all_saints150613_1  harpenden_all_saints150613_3
 harpenden_all_saints240716_  harpenden_all_saints240716_1
 harpenden_all_saints240716_2  harpenden_all_saints240716_13
 harpenden_all_saints240716_12  harpenden_all_saints240716_11
 harpenden_all_saints240716_10  harpenden_all_saints240716_8
 harpenden_all_saints240716_7  harpenden_all_saints240716_6
 harpenden_all_saints240716_5  harpenden_all_saints240716_4
 harpenden_all_saints240716_9  harpenden_all_saints240716_3

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