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Kingdom Light Centre, 184 St Albans Road West, Hatfield (Redeemed Christian Church of God)

Not far from the northern entrance to the Galleria, this is an industrial unit used by the church.


Church website

Union Chapel (former) graves, Park Close, Hatfield

The burial ground of the Union Chapel in Chapman’s Yard, Old Hatfield was destroyed in 1965 when new housing, Park Close,  was built over the site. The bodies were re-intered in a mass grave and the stones reset against a wall at the rear of the development.

   hatfield_park_street_chapel_former_graves221116_1  hatfield_park_street_chapel_former_graves221116_
 hatfield_park_street_chapel_former_graves221116_2  hatfield_park_street_chapel_former_graves221116_4

Short film of the re-interment

Hatfiled memories site

Listed building details

Birchwood Methodist Church, Brchwood Avenue, Hatfield

This small building, together with some housing recently replaced an older church of 1936 that was demolished in 2013. Prior to this the old church had been vacated in 2007, brought back into use in 2009 as the recession had stopped plans for its replacement. The worship area is  the room to the left of the porch as we look at it. It contains a communion table and stackable chairs but no fixed furnishings.

 hatfield_birchwood_methodist300315_ hatfield_birchwood_methodist300315_1
 hatfield_birchwood_methodist300315_3  hatfield_birchwood_methodist300315_2

Church website

Christ Church United Reformed Church, St Albans Road East, Hatfield

A short way east of the town centre, a church of 1934.

    hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_4  hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_3
 hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_11  hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_8
 hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_5  hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_2
 hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_7  hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_6

Church website


Church on the Rock, French Horn Lane, Hatfield

An independent church meeting in the town centre in the Lord William Cecil Memorial Hall.

hatfield_house_on_the_rock300315_1  hatfield_house_on_the_rock300315_2

Oxlease Methodist Church, Woods Avenue, Hatfield

A suburban church of 1961 by George Baines & Syborn.

hatfield_oxlease_methodist300315_ hatfield_oxlease_methodist300315_3
 hatfield_oxlease_methodist300315_4 hatfield_oxlease_methodist300315_1

Church website

Gracemead Elim Church, Hatfield

In a 1970s ex government office building in the centre of the new town.

hatfield_gracemead_elim101114_ (1)

Church website

St Theresa, Batterdale, Old Hatfield (Roman Catholic) – now Marychurch Church Hall

Now serving as a hall for Marychurch, this church was built to serve Old Hatfield in 1929-30.

hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_39  hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_38

Church website

Marychurch, Batterdale Old Hatfield (Roman Catholic)

At the base of the hill below Hatfield House in Old Hatfield, this circular church dates from 1969-70 and is by George Mathers of Mathers, Thomas and Associates. The previous church (St Theresa) of 1929 is now its hall. The interior glows with dalle de verre glass made by Charles Norris of Buckfast Abbey.

   hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_40 hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_42
 hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_44  hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_3
 hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_1  hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_2
 hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_5  hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_19
 hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_22  hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_10
 hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_9  hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_34
 hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_32  hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_15
 hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_14  hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_13
 hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_12  hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_20
 hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_24  hatfield_marychurch_rc280814_33

Church website (Westminster diocese)

Church website

Taking Stock entry

St Peter, Bishops Rise, South Hatfield (Roman Catholic)

On Bishop’s Rise down the hill from St John’s and much less imposing. It was built in 1961 to designs by T.J. Denny, but cracking led to the walls and roof being lowered in 1987.

hatfield_st_peter_rc100313_  hatfield_st_peter_rc100313_1
 hatfield_st_peter_rc100313_2 hatfield_st_peter_rc100313_3

Church website (Westminster Diocese site)

Church website

Taking Stock entry