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Chapel, Lockers School, Lockers Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead

A large preparatory school high above the town centre near the cemetery. The chapel is alongside the road and so visible from outside the school grounds. The school was built in 1874 and designed by Sidney Scott



Seventh Day Adventist, Bennetts End Road/Gammon Close, Hemel Hempstead

In suburban Hemel, a church from the 1970s.

  hemel_hempstead_seventh_day_adventist040316_2  hemel_hempstead_seventh_day_adventist040316_1
 hemel_hempstead_seventh_day_adventist040316_5  hemel_hempstead_seventh_day_adventist040316_3
 hemel_hempstead_seventh_day_adventist040316_  hemel_hempstead_seventh_day_adventist040316_4

Church website

Heath Lane Cemetery Chapels, Hemel Hempstead

On a hilltop overlooking the town, there are two disused chapels facing each other. One was Anglican and the other non conformist.  They are similar but one has lancets at the entrance end and a gable cross, the other no crosses but cross-shaped windows at the entrance end. The cemetery dates from 1878.

  hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_2 hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_12
 hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_4  hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_8
 hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_14  hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_9
 hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_3  hemel_hempstead_cemetery040316_

Cemetery website

Methodist Church, Northridge Way, Hemel Hempstead

In suburban Hemel Hempstead. Opened in 2015, this church replaced a town centre building demolished in 2014 and an older building on this site. The worship area is at one end as part of a larger development of ancillary rooms by Life Build Solutions.

Church website

Brethren’s Meeting Room, Blackwater Lane, Leverstock Green, Hemel Hempstead

On the rural edge of the town and almost totally hidden way behind formidable security fencing.


Cedar House, The Chapel, Featherbed Lane, Apsley, Hemel Hempstead

An independent chapel just off the main London road in Apsley, Built as Salem Strict Baptist chapel in 1818.

apsley_cedar_house_chapel060315_  apsley_cedar_house_chapel060315_1

Church website

Apsley Community Centre, London Road, Apsley, Hemel Hempstead

Formerly Apsley Methodist Church, it became the Community Centre in 1984.

  apsley_community_centre060315_2  apsley_community_centre060315_
 apsley_community_centre060315_1  apsley_community_centre060315_4

Church website

New Life Pentecostal Church (AOG), Lawn Lane, Hemel Hempstead

A small building in the south-east of the town. It was built as Bethel Full Gospel Church in 1952.

hemel_hempstead_new_life_pentecostal060315_  hemel_hempstead_new_life_pentecostal060315_1
 hemel_hempstead_new_life_pentecostal060315_2  hemel_hempstead_new_life_pentecostal060315_3

Church website

Belmont Road Baptist, Hemel Hempstead

In suburban south-east Hemel and dating from 1962.

hemel_hempstead_belmont_road_baptist060315_  hemel_hempstead_belmont_road_baptist060315_1
 hemel_hempstead_belmont_road_baptist060315_2  hemel_hempstead_belmont_road_baptist060315_3

Church website

South Hill Church and Centre, Cemetery Hill, Hemel Hempstead

A modern complex of meeting rooms and halls, the largest of which is used for worship. The Centre is a separate charity from the evangelical church which owns the land.

hemel_hempstead_southside_centre060315_1 hemel_hempstead_southside_centre060315_2

Church website