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Woollensbrook Cemetery & Crematorium, Hertford Road, Hoddesdon

Alongside the A10 on the country side of the A10 coming out of Hoddesdon. It was opened in 2017 and there is a chapel in the main building at the top of the hill.


Brethren’s Meeting Room (Former), Duke Street, Hoddesdon

A typical small unadorned Brethren Hall north of the town centre. It closed in 2018 and is now used as offices by Herts Building Solutions.

hoddesdon_bethren_hall120915_2 hoddesdon_bethren_hall120915_
 hoddesdon_bethren_hall120915_3  hoddesdon_bethren_hall120915_1

Chapel, Hoddesdon Cemetery, Ware Road, Hoddesdon

A small cemetery north of Hoddesdon town centre. The chapel is still in use and not locked – a great rarity.

 hoddesden_cemetery_chapel300415_ hoddesden_cemetery_chapel300415_3
 hoddesdon_cemetery_chapel300415_1  hoddesdon_cemetery_chapel300415_2
 hoddesdon_cemetery_chapel300415_  hoddesden_cemetery_chapel300415_4

Methodist Church, Middlefield Road, Hoddesdon

Not far from the Baptist church. The church dates from 1929 and is linked by a large modern foyer area to a hall. The interior orientation has been reversed with the sanctuary area now by the former main entrance.

hoddesdon_methodist281114_5 hoddesdon_methodist281114_6
 hoddesdon_methodist281114_7  hoddesdon_methodist281114_12
 hoddesdon_methodist281114_8  hoddesdon_methodist281114_11
 hoddesdon_methodist281114_9  hoddesdon_methodist281114_10
 hoddesdon_methodist120915_  hoddesdon_methodist120915_1
 hoddesdon_methodist120915_4  hoddesdon_methodist120915_5
 hoddesdon_methodist120915_3  hoddesdon_methodist120915_2


Riverside Church (Elim), Rye Road, Rye Park, Hoddesdon

Close to Rye House station, a modern church sunken below street level.

hoddesdon_riverside_elim281114_  hoddesdon_riverside_elim281114_1
 hoddesdon_riverside_elim281114_2  hoddesdon_riverside_elim281114_3

Church website

Baptist Church, Burford St/Old Essex Rd, Hoddesdon

North of the town centre. It was built in 1910-14 to designs by George Baines, A new entrance area linking to the halls was added in 1982.

hoddesdon_baptist281114_  hoddesdon_baptist281114_17
 hoddesdon_baptist281114_2  hoddesdon_baptist281114_4

Church website


Friends Meeting House, Lord Street, Hoddesdon

West of the town centre is this Meeting House of 1829. It  has not been used for meetings since 2011 and there is currently (late 2018) a project to find alternative community based uses for the building.

hoddesdon_quaker281114_2  hoddesdon_quaker281114_1
 hoddesdon_quaker281114_4  hoddesdon_quaker281114_7
 hoddesdon_quaker281114_9  hoddesdon_quaker281114_10

Church website

Listed building details