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St Mary the Virgin and All Saints, Potters Bar

Just off the old main street of the town. The church is by J.S.Alder (1914) but the west end was completed by Laurence King in 1967.

  potters_bar_st_mary040213_2 potters_bar_st_mary040213_
 potters_bar_st_mary040213_1  potters_bar_st_mary171013_3
 potters_bar_st_mary171013_4  potters_bar_st_mary171013_6
 potters_bar_st_mary130914_  potters_bar_st_mary130914_2
 potters_bar_st_mary130914_8  potters_bar_st_mary130914_1
 potters_bar_st_mary130914_7  potters_bar_st_mary130914_9
 potters_bar_st_mary130914_18  potters_bar_st_mary130914_14
 potters_bar_st_mary130914_11  potters_bar_st_mary130914_4

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St Michael, Letchworth

The town centre church designed by Laurence King, 1966-68. Glass and stations of the cross by John Hayward. It replaced a church of 1907 whose foundation stone was incorporated in the new building. In December 2019 the church was closed due to structural concerns.

letchworth_st_michael031014_3 letchworth_st_michael031014_1
   letchworth_st_michael031014_2  letchworth_st_michael031014_
 letchworth_st_michael230613_2 letchworth_st_michael230613_4
 letchworth_st_michael230613_6 letchworth_st_michael230613_21
 letchworth_st_michael230613_20  letchworth_st_michael230613_17
 letchworth_st_michael230613_8letchworth_st_michael230613_12 letchworth_st_michael230613_9 letchworth_st_michael230613_13
letchworth_st_michael230613_10 letchworth_st_michael230613_11  letchworth_st_michael230613_16

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