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Wesleyan Chapel (former), West Street, Lilley now the Old Chapel

Alongside a footpath off West Street, this building now looks much more like a modern house than a chapel. Only the shadow of arched windows and doors in the gable end give it away. It opened in 1837 and closed in 1954 and was converted to housing.

  lilley_old_chapel010317_4  lilley_old_chapel010317_3
 lilley_old_chapel010317_6  lilley_old_chapel010317_2
 lilley_old_chapel010317_ lilley_old_chapel010317_1

St Peter, Lilley

About halfway down this linear village near the Bedfordshire border. The church dates from 1870-72 by Thomas Jekyll.

lilley_church290312_12                   lilley_st_peter280713_36
 lilley_st_peter120516_1  lilley_st_peter120516_44
 lilley_st_peter120516_2  lilley_st_peter120516_15
 lilley_st_peter120516_26  lilley_st_peter120516_5
lilley_st_peter120516_43 lilley_st_peter120516_40
 lilley_st_peter120516_30 lilley_st_peter120516_16
lilley_st_peter280713_15 lilley_st_peter280713_21
 lilley_st_peter120516_20 lilley_st_peter120516_23
 lilley_st_peter120516_3  lilley_st_peter120516_11
 lilley_st_peter120516_36  lilley_st_peter120516_34
 lilley_st_peter120516_13  lilley_st_peter120516_10
lilley_st_peter120516_9  lilley_st_peter120516_8
 lilley_st_peter120516_7  lilley_st_peter120516_4
 lilley_st_peter120516_28  lilley_st_peter120516_14

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