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Chapel, Ashridge College, Little Gaddesden

Beautifully situated on the edge of a deep valley west of Little Gaddesden. The house was built 1808-14 by James Wyatt and his nephew Jeffry Wyatt. It became a college in 1921 and Ashridge Management College in 1954. The chapel was added in 1817. Its spire is a fibreglass replacement of 1969 replacing the original being truncated in 1922.

ashridge_college080916_2  ashridge_college080916_8
 ashridge_college080916_9  ashridge_college080916_12
 ashridge_college080916_11  ashridge_college080916_5

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Chapel (former), Hudnall Lane, Little Gaddesden now Churchhouse Studios

On the corner of Chapel Close and Hudnall Lane at the southern edge of the village. The chapel has been converted into housing with several extensions added. It is largely hidden from the road.

little_gaddesden_chapel_formerl080916_  little_gaddesden_chapel_formerl080916_2
 little_gaddesden_chapel_formerl080916_3  little_gaddesden_chapel_formerl080916_4

St Peter and St Paul, Little Gaddesden

It sits all alone to the east of the village with wide views north over sheep grazing on the rolling Chiltern hills . The south aisle and chapel were added by James Wyatt in 1830 and 1819 to a small medieval church. The main interest is the collection of 18th and 19th century monuments principally to the Bridgewater family of Ashridge across the valley to the south-west of the village. An older monument (early 17th century) to Elizabeth Dutton came here from St Martin’s in the Fields.

 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_1 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul200713_42
 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul200713_38  little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_58
 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_2 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_12
 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_42 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_46
little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_45  little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_44
 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_53 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_54
 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_38 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_7
 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_32 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_33
little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_40  little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_20
 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_19 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_15
 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_14  little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_13
 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_8 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_5
 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_9 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_11
 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_22  little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_23
 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_4 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_30
little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_6 little_gaddesden_st_peter_st_paul080916_27

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