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Baptist Church (former), Cheddington Lane, Long Marston

Just east of the crossroads at the southern end of the village. It dates from 1869 and is now housing called Grace Lodge.

long_marston_baptist_chapel_former240415_  long_marston_baptist_chapel_former240415_1
 long_marston_baptist_chapel_former240415_2  long_marston_baptist_chapel_former240415_3

Wesleyan Church (former), Astrope Lane, Long Marston

Just west of the crossroads at the southern edge of the village is this chapel of 1864 now converted to housing.

long_marston_weslyan_chapel_former240415_1 long_marston_weslyan_chapel_former240415_2


All Saints, Long Marston

Replacing the old church in Chapel Lane, it lies at the north end of the village street. It was designed by Carpenter and Ingelow and built in 1882-83.. the west end was added 1907-08. The building incorporates remains of the old church and an arcade from Tring parish church.

long_marston_all_saints200614_  long_marston_all_saints200614_3
 long_marston_all_saints200614_2  long_marston_all_saints200614_4

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All Saints old church, Chapel Lane, Long Marston

Off to one side of the village and almost hidden by trees lies the preserved 15th century tower of All saints church. The church was replaced by the new church on the main village road. The body of the church was demolished in 1883.

  long_marston_old_tower200614_4 long_marston_old_tower200614_3
 long_marston_old_tower200614_5  long_marston_old_tower200614_
 long_marston_old_tower200614_8  long_marston_old_tower200614_7

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