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National Children’s Home Chapel (Former), Highfield Oval, Harpenden now Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

In the northeast of the town, this site was originally a settlement for homeless children founded by a Methodist minister Thomas Bowman Stephenson. It moved from London to this site in 1913 but closed in the 1980s. The site became the National Children’s Home, a charity now known as Action for Children. It is now a centre for the Christian community outreach and training organisation Youth with a mission. The chapel is one of a range of buildings around a central grassy oval/

Youth With a Mission website

Harpenden History page

Listed building details

Wesleyan Methodist Church (Former), High Street, Ashwell

Replacing, the still extant, old church in 1880s but demolished in 1979 after the congregation joined that at the United Reformed Church in 1977. Four foundation stones are mounted in a wall along the alley connecting High and Silver Streets at the side of the site.


Ashwell Museum website

Wesleyan Chapel (former), West Street, Lilley now the Old Chapel

Alongside a footpath off West Street, this building now looks much more like a modern house than a chapel. Only the shadow of arched windows and doors in the gable end give it away. It opened in 1837 and closed in 1954 and was converted to housing.

  lilley_old_chapel010317_4  lilley_old_chapel010317_3
 lilley_old_chapel010317_6  lilley_old_chapel010317_2
 lilley_old_chapel010317_ lilley_old_chapel010317_1

Methodist Church (former), Romeland, St Albans

These steps near the Abbey are the only remains of a barn that was licensed for Methodist meetings in 1794.

st_albans_romeland_steps_methodist_former181114_1 st_albans_romeland_steps_methodist_former181114_

Marlborough Street Methodist Church history

Wesleyan Church (former), Wareside now Wesleyan House

By a road junction on the way up from the main road to Babbs Green. It was built in 1890 but is now converted to housing.

        wareside_wesleyan_former251116_13 wareside_wesleyan_former251116_10
 wareside_wesleyan_former251116_11  wareside_wesleyan_former251116_5
 wareside_wesleyan_former251116_7  wareside_wesleyan_former251116_8
 wareside_wesleyan_former251116_  wareside_wesleyan_former251116_1


Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (former), 48 The Hill, Wheathampstead now The Old Chapel

A small former Wesleyan Methodist chapel on the hill leading out of Wheathampstead towards Sandridge. This locally listed building has been converted into offices.

wheathampstead_chapel_former221116_3  wheathampstead_chapel_former221116_2
 wheathampstead_chapel_former221116_1  wheathampstead_chapel_former221116_


Methodist Church (former), 78 High Street, Rickmansworth

This is a curiosity as it appears to be a small fragment of the original Rickmansworth Methodist church according to the local listing document which says, “The rear of No.78 was once the site of the first Methodist Chapel in Rickmansworth and a bricked-up ornamental doorway is still present in the side wall (referenced below).

 rickmansworth_strict_methodist_former010916_  rickmansworth_strict_methodist_former010916_1
 rickmansworth_strict_methodist_former010916_2  rickmansworth_strict_methodist_former010916_3

Locally Listed building details