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Wesleyan Chapel (former), Ickleford

There is a brief listing in English Heritages’s inventory which lists a chapel of 1850 in Ickleford. I think this is it as it is along a footpath called Chapel Walk west of the Arlesey Road at the correct grid reference. It closed in 1978 and was sold in 1979 and is now somewhat altered as housing.

ickleford_chapel_former310316_3  ickleford_chapel_former310316_2
 ickleford_chapel_former310316_1  ickleford_chapel_former310316_

Methodist Church, Prestwick Road, South Oxhey

On the main road near Carpenter’s Park Station. The church of 1952 was replaced by this building completed in 2013.

south_oxhey_methodist190216_2  south_oxhey_methodist190216_1
 south_oxhey_methodist190216_  south_oxhey_methodist190216_7
 south_oxhey_methodist190216_3  south_oxhey_methodist190216_4
 south_oxhey_methodist190216_5  south_oxhey_methodist190216_6

Church website

Methodist Church, Northridge Way, Hemel Hempstead

In suburban Hemel Hempstead. Opened in 2015, this church replaced a town centre building demolished in 2014 and an older building on this site. The worship area is at one end as part of a larger development of ancillary rooms by Life Build Solutions.

Church website

Wesleyan Chapel (former), Damask Green, Weston

Close to the village centre, unlike the parish church. It dates from 1861.

  weston_damask_green_chapel_former300915_2  weston_damask_green_chapel_former300915_1
 weston_damask_green_chapel_former300915_  weston_damask_green_chapel_former300915_5
 weston_damask_green_chapel_former300915_3  weston_damask_green_chapel_former300915_4

Methodist Church (Former), The Green, Kimpton

Attractively sited at the corner of a green close to the parish church. It was taken out of use in around 2007 and converted, along with the hall, into housing in 2010. The church dates from 1870.

 kimpton_methodist_former011015_  kimpton_methodist_former011015_1
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_19  kimpton_methodist_former011015_4
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_5  kimpton_methodist_former011015_3
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_2  kimpton_methodist_former011015_6
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_11  kimpton_methodist_former011015_8
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_13  kimpton_methodist_former011015_15
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_17  kimpton_methodist_former011015_16
 kimpton_methodist_former011015_14  kimpton_methodist_former011015_12


Lower Dagnall Street Methodist (Former), St Albans

This range of buildings was the town’s Methodist complex from 1824 to 1841. Ashbrittle House on the left was a schoolroom, Dagnall House in the centre was the Chapel and Canon House was the Minister’s House.


Church website

St Andrew United Reformed/Methodist, Aycliffe Road, Borehamwood

On the northern side of the town. It was designed by Paul Mauger and Partners and finished in 1956.

  borehamwood_st_andrew_urc_methodist220515_2  borehamwood_st_andrew_urc_methodist220515_4
 borehamwood_st_andrew_urc_methodist220515_3  borehamwood_st_andrew_urc_methodist220515_

Trinity Church (URC/Methodist), Park Lane, Knebworth

Built as a Congregational Chapel in 1887, it became part of the United Reformed Church in 1972 and amalgamated with the Methodist church in 1996.

 knebworth_trinity_urc120515_  knebworth_trinity_urc120515_3
 knebworth_trinity_urc120515_4  knebworth_trinity_urc120515_5
 knebworth_trinity_urc120515_6  knebworth_trinity_urc120515_2

Church website

A church near you entry

Listed building details

Gaddesden Row Methodist Church, Jockey End

A tiny church in the hamlet of Jockey End north of Hemel Hempstead.

   gaddesden_row_methodist270415_2  gaddesden_row_methodist270415_
 gaddesden_row_methodist270415_1  gaddesden_row_methodist270415_3


Wesleyan Church (former), Astrope Lane, Long Marston

Just west of the crossroads at the southern edge of the village is this chapel of 1864 now converted to housing.

long_marston_weslyan_chapel_former240415_1 long_marston_weslyan_chapel_former240415_2