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Congregational Church, Hadham Cross, Much Hadham

On the main road through this large east Hertfordshire village. It dates from 1872-1874 and designed by Habershon & Brock, the hall behind and to the side is a very similar building.

St Andrew, Much Hadham

A large mainly 13th century church. With the north aisle and tower built in the 14th century. The headstops on the west door are by Henry Moore.At the north end of this long and attractive village. Formally shared with the Roman Catholic congregation.

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 much_hadham_st_andrew091215_108  much_hadham_church150413_3
 much_hadham_st_andrew091215_99  much_hadham_st_andrew091215_98
 much_hadham_st_andrew091215_97  much_hadham_st_andrew091215_81
 much_hadham_st_andrew091215_65  much_hadham_st_andrew091215_37
 much_hadham_st_andrew091215_74  much_hadham_st_andrew091215_73
 much_hadham_st_andrew091215_59  much_hadham_st_andrew091215_52
 much_hadham_st_andrew091215_51  much_hadham_st_andrew091215_39
 much_hadham_st_andrew091215_46  much_hadham_st_andrew091215_38
 much_hadham_st_andrew091215_36  much_hadham_st_andrew091215_16
 much_hadham_st_andrew091215_24  much_hadham_st_andrew091215_88

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