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Brethren’s Meeting Room, Ermine Street, Colliers End

Up a short drive off Ermine Street between Colliers End and St Edmund’s College. This was a bungalow that was adapted, under temporary planning permission in 2012, into a meeting room with car parking. There is now (January 2017) a planning application in to demolish this building and build a new hall on another part of the surrounding field.

     colliers_end_brethren280117_  colliers_end_brethren280117_6
 colliers_end_brethren280117_4  colliers_end_brethren280117_1
 colliers_end_brethren280117_3  colliers_end_brethren280117_2

Brethren’s Meeting Room, Bosanquet Road/Salisbury Road, Rye Park, Hoddesdon

Just down the road from the Rye Park Riverside Elim church, a windowless modern hall. The site is subject to a planning application, so far refused for a housing development (Dec 2018).

  rye_park_bretrhren_hall140216_2  rye_park_bretrhren_hall140216_1

Brethren’s Meeting Room, 211 Horseshoe Lane, Watford

A converted and extended 1930s bungalow on the north side of Watford.

watford_betheren_hall050116_ watford_betheren_hall050116_1
 watford_betheren_hall050116_5  watford_betheren_hall050116_4

Brethren’s Meeting Room, Mimms Hall Lane, Potters Bar

A typical anonymous looking Brethren Hall. Right next to the Evangelical Free Church.

potters_bar_brethren280915_0915_  potters_bar_brethren280915_0915_1
 potters_bar_brethren280915_0915_2  potters_bar_brethren280915_0915_3

Brethren’s Meeting Room (Former), Duke Street, Hoddesdon now demolished and replaced by housing

A typical small unadorned Brethren Hall north of the town centre. It closed in 2018 and was used as offices by Herts Building Solutions. By November 2021 it has been replaced by a small housing development.

hoddesdon_bethren_hall120915_2 hoddesdon_bethren_hall120915_
 hoddesdon_bethren_hall120915_3  hoddesdon_bethren_hall120915_1

Brethren’s Meeting Room, Hall Heath Close, St Albans

Just round the corner from the United Reformed Church in suburbia between St Albans and Marshallswick.

st_albans_brethren_hall150915_  st_albans_brethren_hall150915_1
 st_albans_brethren_hall150915_2  st_albans_brethren_hall150915_3


Brethren’s Meeting Room, Blackwater Lane, Leverstock Green, Hemel Hempstead

On the rural edge of the town and almost totally hidden way behind formidable security fencing.


Brethren’s Meeting Room, Nelson Road, Hertford

A small hall on the corner of Nelson Street and Molewood Road in Lower Bengeo. During August 2015 the hall underwent refurbishment with the render stripped and uPVC windows replacing the metal ones. It was subsequently re-rendered.

 hertford_bretheren_hall010515_  hertford_bretheren_hall010515_1
 hertford_bretheren_hall010515_2  hertford_bretheren_hall010515_3
 hertford_bethren_meeting_house120815_  hertford_bethren_meeting_house120815_1
 hertford_brethren_meeting_house170815_  hertford_brethren_meeting_house170815_1

Brethren’s Meeting Room, Wadesmill Road, Ware

A small hall opposite Wodson Park sports centre on the northern edge of Ware.

ware_bretheren_hall300415_  ware_bretheren_hall300415_1
 ware_bretheren_hall300415_2  ware_bretheren_hall300415_3