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Primitive Methodist (Former), Cheapside, Anstey

Sitting on the boundary between two houses in Cheapside, a short way from its replacement the Union Chapel built in 1902.  This small wooden chapel was built in the late 19th century and after replacement was used as a meeting room and hall, known locally as The Cabin. In 1988 it was sold to the two adjoining properties called Little Thatch and Oakwood. At the time of my visit in early September 2018 it was undergoing reconstruction. It is difficult to determine how much of the original building remains. The bottom right image shows the reconstructed building in January 2019.


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Primitive Methodist Church (former), West Street, Ashwell

Built in the mid 19th century and now housing called The Old Chapel.


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Primitive Methodist Chapel (Former), Melbourne Road/High Street, Bushey now Heronslea Group offices

Built in 1852 but it ceased to be a chapel in 1883 with a move to a relatively recently demolished tin church. It was converted into a private theatre by Sir Hubert Herkomer in about 1887, being close to his house and art school. It was extended in 1912-1913 when it became a film studio called ‘The Glass Studios’. All are now part of an office complex.

bushey_former_primitive_methodist050916_ bushey_former_primitive_methodist050916_1
 bushey_former_primitive_methodist050916_2  bushey_st_margaret_school_chapel150916_5

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Primitive Methodist Church (former), Common Road, Chorleywood now Chorleywood Arts Centre

Facing the Common, this is a chapel of 1893 closed in 1969 and sold in 1970 and converted to an arts centre. For some reason all the name and foundation stones have been crudely scratched out. Interestingly it is now used for regular Quaker meetings so is back in religious use for a period of time each week.

chorleywood_strict_methodist_former010916_1  chorleywood_strict_methodist_former010916_5
 chorleywood_strict_methodist_former010916_4 chorleywood_strict_methodist_former010916_


Primitive Methodist (former), Trowley Bottom, Flamstead

Built in 1845 and out of use in 1960 when the congregation moved to The Methodist chapel in Flamstead. It was converted to a house and only bears a passing resemblance to its former role. The plaque’s date on the gable of the house does not agree with any dates given in the link below

trowley_bottom_former_prmitive_methodist070616_ trowley_bottom_former_prmitive_methodist070616_1

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Primitive Methodist Chapel (Former), Sopwell Lane, St Albans

Built in 1844 but vacated in 1875, when it passed into use by the Dagnall Street Baptist Church. From 1934 -2003 it was used by the St Albans Band for rehearsals, hence the name given to the house into which it was converted in 2012.

 st_albans_primitive_methodist_former150915_ st_albans_primitive_methodist_former150915_1

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Primitive Methodist (former), High Street, Berkhamsted

Now Dominos Pizza and hardly recognisable as a chapel of 1867, it was converted into offices in the 1970s and flats and retail premises in 2004. Large arched windows are just visible at the side of the building.

berkhamsted_primitive_methodist_former160415_ berkhamsted_primitive_methodist_former160415_1

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Jubilee Chapel (Primitive Methodist former), Chapel Lane, Bendish

In the centre of this small hamlet near Whitwell. It was built in 1861-62 and sold for conversion to housing in 1972.

 bendish_primitive_methodist_former130415_6 (2) bendish_primitive_methodist_former130415_6 (4)
 bendish_primitive_methodist_former130415_6 (5)  bendish_primitive_methodist_former130415_6 (7)
 bendish_primitive_methodist_former130415_6 (6)  bendish_primitive_methodist_former130415_6 (1)

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