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Congregational Church, Station Road, Puckeridge

An independent Congregational church in this large village north of ware. The left hand wing in the upper photos is the manse.

 puckeridge_congregational070415_ puckeridge_congregational070415_1

Puckeridge Evangelical Congregational Church (former)

Built in 1834. Disused but not yet converted to any other use (top 3 photos), although permission was granted in May 2013 for residential conversion. In April 2015 it looks as if the conversion work is almost over  (note how the roof line has been raised) – see the lower images. It stands in the main street very near to the Roman Catholic Church.

puckeridge_former_methodist_chapel110513_ puckeridge_former_methodist_chapel110513_1
 puckeridge_former_methodist_chapel110513_2  puckeridge_evangelical_congregational_former070415_
 puckeridge_evangelical_congregational_former070415_3  puckeridge_evangelical_congregational_former070415_2

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St Thomas of Canterbury, Puckeridge (Roman Catholic)

A small chapel of 1926 and linked to St Edmund’s church at Old Hall Green.

puckeridge_st_edmund_rc110513_1  puckeridge_st_edmund_rc110513_2
 puckeridge_st_edmund_rc110513_  puckeridge_st_thomas_of_canterbury_rc070415_2

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